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We are on a mission to enable leaders across the globe to build better businesses with the help of organizational data and domain expertise.

This Is Us.

Luka is a psychologist who studied at Harvard. Igor is a physicist who started one of MIT's 50 smartest companies in the world. Luka was a CHRO of a hyper growing tech unicorn. Igor was a co-founder and CTO of a hyper growing biotech scaleup.

They took complementary skills in I-O psychology, management, data analytics, and computer science, and a deep connection with the academic community, and decided to tackle the challenge they both experienced - the challenge of managing and measuring the value intangibles create to knowledge-driven businesses.

As global business challenges become increasingly complex, leadership and HR teams have the challenge to navigate through company transformation cycles, retain top-performing employees, and keep them engaged. Orgnostic's main premise is that leaders and investors need to start measuring and managing their organizational capital with the same rigor as financial results to start properly addressing the issue.

With Orgnostic, Luka, Igor, and the team are on a mission to provide investors and leadership teams with high-quality organizational insights that link organizational dynamics with companies' bottom lines. The end goal of such an endeavor is to create better and more sustainable businesses for the new economy.

A photo of Orgnostic co-founders Igor Bogicevic (CTO) and Luka Babic (CEO)
Igor Bogicevic and Luka Babic

The rest of the team

Asking questions is easy.
Gathering meaningful insights is not.

Vanity Metrics All Around

There are more than 100 assessment tools for organizational effectiveness out there. Combine those with various engagement measuring instruments, and the number will go up to 200 comfortably.

Recent meta-research studies show there are 70 different types of culture surveys alone. Only 10% of those pass the test-retest reliability and even less show evidence of convergent and discriminant validity.

Integration, Not Generation

Our idea was not to build yet another survey. We intend to procure and integrate the methods and measurement frameworks for the organizational capital assessment that show the highest predictive validity for various business outcomes.

We aim to keep building a solution that will allow growing companies to conduct complete internal workforce analytics with the help of both internal and external data.

Business + Academy

We partnered with top academic researchers (Harvard University, University of Michigan, and Institute for Management Development in Lausanne) and organizational design practitioners to develop a model that includes various assessment methods.

Our assessment frameworks, including the Denison Culture Model and Hackman's Team Effectiveness Diagnostics, passed the rigor of academic publications in leading social science journals but also endured the challenges of practical implementation and served as framework tools in many published studies ever since created.

Scientific Advisors

A photo of Dr. Ruth Wageman

Dr. Ruth Wageman

Dr. Ruth Wageman has been a professor at Columbia, Dartmouth, and Harvard, where she has led many original research programs about the design and leadership of teams. Ruth is one of the foremost scholars and practitioners studying and working with teams, especially leadership teams.

The core of Ruth’s research, teaching, and consulting for the last 30 years has been focused on the conditions that influence superb team performance. Ruth’s work places particular emphasis on teams whose purpose is to solve complex problems and lead system transformation.

A photo of Dr. Daniel Denison

Dr. Daniel Denison

Dr. Daniel R. Denison is Professor Emeritus of Management and Organization at IMD. His work on organizational culture and business performance is well known around the world. Prior to joining IMD in 1999, Denison was an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Michigan Business School, teaching in MBA, PhD, and Executive Education programs.

Dan's research, teaching, and consulting focuses on organizational culture and leadership and the impact that they have on the performance and effectiveness of organizations.

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