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Move the needle in your people analytics team from data aggregation to effective story-telling.

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An End-to-end People Analytics Solution
Customized To Fit Your Enterprise’s Needs.


Harmonize your workforce data.

One of the critical roadblocks for setting up true people analytics functions is companies' inability to access and integrate a complete internal dataset containing both employee and business data.

Orgnostic helps you tie your information systems in such a way that it can provide meaningful insights.

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Get insights into critical HR KPIs you should track.

Getting access to loads of data and fancy new dashboards can often be overwhelming for HR teams.

Our pre-built analytics and benchmarking dataset help you tease out the most valuable insights, so you don't get lost in the piles of data.

Orgnostic enables you to reduce your time to act.


Move from data to getting things done.

Our team, together with a global network of experts, supports you on your complete people analytics implementation journey.

From setting up the infrastructure to insights and storytelling, all the way to actions. Our enterprise solution is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Orgnostic helps you get from zero to one with your people analytics implementation.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Behavior is a product of both a person and their environment. If you focus on shaping the team environment by optimizing conditions of team effectiveness, you can control for up to 80% of team performance outcome variance, as per the team's customer evaluations. Read more

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Get insights into building a resilient organization.

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