Fill in the Blanks of Your HR Stack. Get the Answers Lost Between Greenhouse and BambooHR.

Orgnostic connects your people data and shows how hiring is impacting your time-to-market.

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Answer questions like

Question number 1.

What is your quality of hire?

When you are growing fast, you need to be sure that your recruiting process is selecting the right talent.

Explore the quality of hire per your recruiter, manager, hiring source, process time, and cost, to evaluate your hiring practices.

Question number 2.

What are the most cost-effective hiring sources?

When you don't have unlimited resources, you need to make sure you are spending money and time on the right actions.

Inspect what channels take your resources, but give very little in return, and readjust your spending and focus.

Question number 3.

What is your time to productivity?

When you need to ship products fast, you need to know how much time it takes for employees in different roles to get hired and start contributing.

Investigate how seniority of hire might impact your go-to-market strategy.

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Why give out Orgnostic for free?

We believe that every company should have the ability to make sound HR decisions based on data.

Two reasons prevent companies from doing so:

  1. they are not sure what are the right questions to ask, and
  2. it takes too much investment to start a data-driven journey when you don't trust your data.

Orgnostic enables every scaleup to integrate their systems, clean the data, and use pre-loaded data-fillers to start getting the value from people analytics practices.

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