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Orgnostic is the human capital analytics platform for private equity and VC investors. It's how you get the people factor right.

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Leadership, Team
and Culture Portfolio Monitoring.


Track organizational metrics that affect business outcomes.

Explore the link between different organizational culture expressions and business outcomes such as revenue, EBITDA, return on sales, and customer satisfaction.

Orgnostic helps you understand how a company’s organizational culture impacts the bottom line and what can you do about it.

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Get a grip around the M&A and turnaround processes.

Estimates of the M&A failure rate range between 20% and 70%. One of the most common themes used to explain the high failure rate is a lack of compatibility between the cultures of the organizations and the way they are managed.

Orgnostic gives you insights into a full range of critical org metrics benchmarked to a rich database, so you can easily understand leverage points for both portfolio and prospect companies.


Move the needle from diligence to leadership development.

Insights gained through our platform allow you to detect principal strengths and weaknesses of different leadership teams quickly.

Detect leaders in your portfolio who can serve as organizational mentors to others and support the creation of pay-it-forward leadership value chains. Our deep expert networks allow you to connect with domain authorities in the areas your leaders need the most help the most.

Orgnostic helps you build and guide a community of leaders with the help of data and domain expertise.

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Higher Culture Scores Mean
More Value for Stakeholders

Org capital leading indicators can help you track your IRR trends. Our study on 60 PE portfolio companies shows that a higher intensity of cultural value and norms expression predicts up to 18% growth in EBITDA and 6% growth in sales over a year. Read more

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