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Orgnostic connects your people data and shows how performance management is impacting your productivity.

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Answer questions like

Question number 1.

Do you have biases in your promotion process?

When you grow fast as a company, your employees tend to rise to higher IC and managerial positions more quickly. Promotion bias can make a long term impact on your culture and ability to grow further.

Explore whether your minority groups get the same quality of feedback and get promoted at the same pace as the rest of your employees.

Question number 2.

What is your top performer turnover costing you?

Top-performers, on average, deliver on results 4× more than the median employee.

Examine how much it will take for you to find, onboard, and develop your top performers and how much it will cost if they leave.

Question number 3.

How long does it take low-performers to bounce back or exit?

Performance improvement and offboarding are neglected, but crucial processes in a fast-paced environment. Your culture is only as strong as the worst behavior you tolerate.

Assess and improve your feedback processes to preserve your high-performing culture.

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Why give out Orgnostic for free?

We believe that every company should have the ability to make sound HR decisions based on data.

Two reasons prevent companies from doing so:

  1. they are not sure what are the right questions to ask, and
  2. it takes too much investment to start a data-driven journey when you don't trust your data.

Orgnostic enables every scaleup to integrate their systems, clean the data, and use pre-loaded data-fillers to start getting the value from people analytics practices.

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