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Orgnostic connects your people data and shows how employee learning is impacting your customer satisfaction.

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Answer questions like

Question number 1.

How fast do your remote employees get onboarded?

Getting remote employees onboarded is not an easy task. Aside from building a resourceful initial network, you need to make sure they are learning what they need to be as productive as possible.

Get a grip on your remote employees' onboarding experience and distinguish between the programs that work and those that do not.

Question number 2.

What are the new skills your top performers tend to acquire?

In a fast pace environment, upskilling is as vital for company survival as recruitment is.

Learn what your most effective learning programs are, and what skills return the most value for your customers.

Question number 3.

How cost-efficient are your employee development programs?

Employee development is an excellent benefit for your people, but it should also add value to your customers.

Explore how much do you invest in training programs and how they correlate with KPI achievements.

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Why give out Orgnostic for free?

We believe that every company should have the ability to make sound HR decisions based on data.

Two reasons prevent companies from doing so:

  1. they are not sure what are the right questions to ask, and
  2. it takes too much investment to start a data-driven journey when you don't trust your data.

Orgnostic enables every scaleup to integrate their systems, clean the data, and use pre-loaded data-fillers to start getting the value from people analytics practices.

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