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Summer People Analytics Challenge

Sharpen your people analytics skills and drive business impact

The deadline for this challenge has passed, but we will be launching new ones in the future. 

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The most powerful way for HR to increase its strategic influence is to show the value it delivers to the business. 

Take on this challenge to hone your practical people analytics chops: analyze real-life business cases, understand the right questions to test them, and derive organizational insights that drive change.

The three challenges

Get a chance to go through one of three real life examples, learn from fellow people analytics practitioners, and gain hands-on experience in telling the story behind your data.

Challenge 1

Tackle high attrition

Analyze the reasons behind a company’s high attrition and suggest an action plan for retaining the employees.

Challenge 2

Plan for high growth

Position an organization for high growth by ensuring this growth happens and the company manages to hire per its hiring plan.

Challenge 3

Curb absenteeism

Understand if the increased leaves at a company are a symptom of a deeper issue that needs tackling, and analyze their impact on the organizational cost.

How it works

  • Apply to join the challenge until Wednesday, 20 July 2022  
  • Choose the challenge you want to join
  • Look out for an email with instructions
  • Complete the challenge using dummy or your company’s data
  • Connect with peers and discuss what you’ve learned
  • Share your most interesting insight
  • If your insight is among top 3, you will get a ticket to

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