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Attract the candidates you desire with the help of job offer data

Orgnostic connects your ATS, HRIS and survey data
to show whether your job offers are competitive enough.

Get recruitment metrics like: Offer Acceptance Rate, Offer Rejection Reasons, Bad Hires

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Why do your job offers get rejected?

Your goal is to pick the best candidate for your organization.

You invest in attracting and evaluating them through the selection process, but can you close the deal?

Explore your Job Offer Acceptance Rate metric and understand how competitive your offers are on the market.

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How competitive are your job offers?

You secured that perfect match, but they decided not to accept the offer.

That brings you back to square one.

Understand why they rejected the offer with the Offer Rejection Reasons metric and see if the most common issues are under your control.

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How many bad hires did you make?

Congratulations, you scored a hire! But how effective is your hiring process?

Are you supporting your business growth or just hiring replacements?

With Bad Hires metric uncover the actual success of your new joiners.

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Go further: Boost your data with Data Filler Surveys.
Here’s how.

Not only you can structure, clean, and combine your data to get meaningful insights, you can also enrich it with Data Fillers.

Data Fillers are automated micro-surveys that come in two flavors: “Onboarding” and “Exit”. All you have to do is to turn them on once.

Since our platform is connected to your HRIS, the appropriate survey will be triggered with each employee's status change.

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To summarize:

Orgnostic platform combines your ATS and HRIS apps with Data Filler surveys to give you HR metrics like:

  • Offer Acceptance Rate
  • Job Offer Competitiveness
  • Time to Fill
  • Time to Hire
  • Bad Hires

Using these metrics answer questions like:

  • How long does it take you to get a new hire?
  • What is the ratio of bad hires per recruiter?
  • Is your compensation package good enough to attract and retain your desired talent?

Improve your job offer competitiveness
and enhance your talent acquisition strategy

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Customers are saying

Implementing a data-driven approach in HR is an easy task when you have a partner like Orgnostic. With their straightforward, intuitive, and easy-to-use analytics platform, they enable us to put into movement tremendous amounts of data we have in our HRIS and ATS and make the most of them. Understanding direction for new HR initiatives is now a much easier task.

Kristina Grubac
  • Kristina Grubac
  • HR Lead
  • Two Desperados

Orgnostic completely changed the way we approach talent management. We can finally access the data from our HR systems and use it right when we need it. Our workforce planning and process improvements are now completely data-enabled.

Marko Djuric
  • Marko Djuric
  • Founder and CEO
  • InterVenture