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You don’t have to be a data scientist to do people analytics

Orgnostic is the people analytics platform for fast growing startups.
Link data, run surveys, get answers. Make smarter decisions about your people.

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The Organizational Compass

For People Ops

Let your HR data sources talk to each other

How much money do you spend on your HRIS, ATS, payroll tech, people management software without getting the full picture from the data they generate?

Link up to two HR apps for free, and start unlocking the potential of what you already have.

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Uncover the right HR metrics

Do you know the quality of your HR data? What are the questions you can answer with your current state of data? What are the questions you should answer? How do you get there?

Clean your data so you can start tracking the key results for your objectives.

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Capture employee sentiment

How well are you onboarding your employees? Why do they leave?

Automate event-triggered surveys to track these questions.

Employee sentiment + operational data means an unparalleled level of insight.

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and CEOs

Visualize organizational complexity

As your company grows bigger and more remote, is it becoming harder to structure and visualize it?

Turn your org charts into org networks and exchange the hierarchy view for the dynamic relationship representation. Who reports to whom doesn't quite cut it anymore.

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Find the true cost of hiring

What happens if you hire 5 more employees in the next month? What about 10? How does that impact your runway? What about senior engineers' productivity?

Make your workforce planning instantaneous and continuous.

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Benchmark against the market

Is your culture aligned with your company goals? Is your senior leadership team a real team? Is your payroll adjusted to the market?

Get deeper insights with our external benchmark database.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

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Customers are saying

With intuitive and easy-to-use analytics platform, Orgnostic put into movement tremendous amounts of data we have in our HRIS and ATS.

Kristina Grubac
  • Kristina
  • HR Lead
  • Two Desperados

Orgnostic completely changed the way we approach talent management. We can finally access the data from our HR systems and use it right when we need it.

Marko Djuric
  • Marko
  • Founder and CEO
  • InterVenture