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Employee Survey Analytics

An introductory course on using insights from employee surveys to drive business outcomes. Learn how to get the most value out of survey analytics and build a consultative business interaction with your key stakeholders.


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This is a course about using surveys as an employee listening tool and being able to act upon the uncovered findings. You will have a chance to explore the basics of survey analytics, but also learn about key concepts and defining terms like constructs and items in the context of a survey.

Who is this course for?

This course is for:

  • Analysts or Data Scientists who have just found themselves owning engagement survey analytics
  • HR Professionals who are new to creating surveys, building dashboards or other reports on survey data
  • Small HR teams who are augmenting their reporting to include surveys
  • Executives/CHROs who want a short course on the kinds of results surveys can and should yield

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn

What kinds of standard analytics to expect from or perform on an employee survey.

How the survey design affects the kind of analytics that can be performed.

The importance and purpose of validating survey instruments.

How to get the most value out of survey analytics through consultative interaction with analytics end-users.


Topics covered

This course includes a multiple-choice quiz and additional resources that lead you to a certificate.

The Basics of Survey Analytics

Start the course by learning what fundamentals need to be in place to enable any kind of analysis on the top of survey results.

Next-Level Survey Analytics

Learn about optimal survey design and the different kinds of analysis you can perform to analyze survey results.


You need to make sure you are not interpreting any results with data you get from unvalidated survey answers. To ensure the survey is measuring what it is intended to measure, you need to introduce different validity types.

Consultative interaction with the Business

To have a bigger impact, you want to know what is happening in each division or department that the survey can address. The consultative process with the business also allows you to better design survey items. Learn how to find out which information stakeholders need instead of what questions they want to ask on the survey. This will allow you to better design survey questions and therefore provide more valuable insights.


Meet your instructor

Employee Survey Analytics - Patrick Gallagher - People Analytics Courses - People Analytics Learning Hub - Orgnostic

Patrick Gallagher

Employee Experience/People Analytics/Culture Consultant

Patrick is trained as a social psychologist. In his academic career, he published research in decision-making, personality, and behavioral health.

Patrick has spent 10 years applying behavioural science in business contexts, ranging from marketing to employee experience. For the last six years, he has led employee survey functions and served as SME in survey analytics in two large and several small client organizations. Patrick serves as Sr. Director of Employee Experience at Partners Health Management.

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