Align your people processes with business results

Unwrap the Orgnostic + Human Capital Value Profiler© bundle — and measure how your people processes are aligned with business goals and improve the alignment. Then, get support in implementing the right people processes and the tools to measure the outcome.

*Limited spots available.

What you’ll get

Max and Dave are industry thought leaders, advisors, and innovators in People Analytics and data-informed HR.

The Human Capital Value Profiler© helps you identify the people processes that are key to achieving your company’s desired business outcomes.

The Orgnostic People Analytics platform is a single source of truth for all your people data, helping you optimize the performance of your workforce. 

With 120+ out-of-the-box metrics, reports, and insights, Orgnostic helps you keep people processes and business goals aligned and on track.

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*Limited spots available.

How it works

Identify people processes that bring desired business outcomes.

Have a 4-6 hour workshop, split in 2 parts, to suit your needs, where you and your team define key business processes.

Start from reviewing business outcomes, and go backwards to define key performance drivers, workforce capabilities, down to concrete people processes with the biggest impact.

Come out of the workshop with a list of people processes with the biggest impact on your workforce capabilities and outcomes.

Define KPIs and get the technology to track desired outcomes.

Work with Orgnostic’s expert consultants to define KPIs and measure the key processes defined in the workshop.

Get the infrastructure that lets you track those KPIs which would otherwise take more than a year and tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

Get implementation support from our People Strategy Implementation Consultant — fully on us.

See it in action

Curious to learn more about how Value Profiler works in practice? Check out the People Analytics Session with Max and Dave:

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Learn how to prove the value that people analytics, HR, and the workforce bring to the business.

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