Streamlined HR Data Lake

Unlock dozens of HR metrics in one go. Get clean, normalized data from all your HR sources. Connect your data and start building people analytics dashboards within your favorite BI tool or programming environment using just the backend of our Orgnostic Platform.

Don’t let your data health stand in the way of providing business value

Enterprise organizations are sitting on a gold mine of HR data, yet they struggle to extract business value out of it. According to the 2022 State of Data Science Report, data professionals spend almost half of their time on data preparation and cleaning. This work can be highly repetitive, while not providing value to the business—the perfect use case for automation.

People Analytics Dashboards

Focus on what adds value, leave the mundane work to us

Our tools help people analytics teams automate the mundane job of data prep so that they can focus on the work that moves the needle for the business.

Improve your HR data health

Spotty data is a non-issue. All Orgnostic users get free-forever access to a dedicated Data Health dashboard with clear troubleshooting instructions. We mark what’s missing from your data, prioritize the issues that need fixing first, and provide you with step-by-step instructions.

Fast-track to analytics-ready data

The Orgnostic Data Conductor consolidates, structures and helps you clean all your scattered HR data, from all HR systems to survey results into a single analytics-ready dataset.
Build a uniform interface for reporting across the organization, from managers to the C-suite, all in less time than typical teams spend just on data wrangling.

Build HR dashboards in your BI tools

Connect the BI tool of your choice (such as Tableau, PowerBI and Looker) directly to cleaned and managed data from Orgnostic’s Conductor to create custom dashboards. Supported data sources include: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Snowflake, AWS Redshift, MongoDB, and more.

Get rid of data engineering work

Use our API to connect tooling using any programming language such as Python, R or Julia, and environments like Jupyter or RStudio. Automate people analytics workflows, or programmatically access and use structured data, calculated metrics, and insights.

How it works

For people analytics teams that prefer their own BI tools, yet don’t want to waste resources developing custom ETLs.

Not a black-box model

You own your data. All of our normalized data, metrics and statistical models with p-values, coefficients, model accuracies, and data health scores are available for your manipulation.

  • 120+ people metrics from HRIS, Payroll, ATS, Performance, and Surveys data
  • Prescriptive insights based on advanced statistical modeling
  • Complete customization capabilities

Simple and fast data extraction

Use our self-service interface, or work with our integrations team to get data out of your complex HR technology setup. Your data, metrics and models are calculated and updated automatically every 6 hours.

“In only one day we connected our HRIS and could start accessing our dashboards and analysis. Orgnostic’s speed and quality of the analysis was really outstanding!”

Larissa List, Senior Manager People Analytics at Ada Health

“Customer success team which is built by ex-CHROs and people analytics specialists helped us get the TA reporting of the ground in a matter of a day.”

Jason Dean, Talent Acquisition Manager at Reveal


What is a HR Data Lake?

A HR data lake is a centralized repository where you can store both structured and unstructured HR data of any size without any sort of hierarchy or organization. Data is flexible and can be configured.

What is Orgnostic’s Data Conductor?

Orgnostic’s Data Conductor is a feature that lets companies combine HR data from different systems in any format into a single database. From there, structured, clean, and normalized data can be sent to a BI tool or programming environment of their choice.

How does the Orgnostic’s Data Conductor work?

Orgnostic’s data conductor has been perfected through the processing of hundreds of HR data sets, minimizing the manual data engineering work needed to connect and structure your data. We consolidate, structure, and clean all your scattered HR data, from all HR systems into a single, analytics-ready dataset. Then, we model the data and prepare HR metrics. Finally, we help you export structured data to a BI tool of your choice or pull the data through our API and start building the dashboards and reports you need.

Can I customize and define my own metrics?

Using our API or BI connector, you can pull in raw, normalized HR data that you can use to calculate your own metrics.

What type of integrations are supported?

Orgnostic’s Data Conductor supports a number of data sources, such as Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Performance Management Systems, or even Learning Management Systems. It can also ingest financial data, and public data sets.

The following out-of-the-box integrations are supported:
HRIS: Bamboo, Bob, Personio, UKG, Humaans, People, Paylocity
ATS: Greenhouse, Teamtailor, Bamboo ATS, TalentLyft, Recruitee, Workable
Performance Management: 15Five, Lever

The maximum integration time we’ve experienced with an enterprise client was four weeks, and that was only because it was a customized integration. Out-of-the-box integrations, on the other hand, can be completed in as little as a couple of hours.

Does Orgnostic offer assistance with data integration?

Yes, Orgnostic offers assistance with data integration. You can work with Orgnostic’s integration team to get data out of your complex HR technology setup and into your preferred data tool.

How often is the data updated?

The data is calculated and updated every six hours.

If I don’t use a BI tool, can I still use Orgnostic?

We connect to existing HR applications (eg HRIS, ATS, engagement, performance) and non-HR systems and enable HR and data science teams to analyze organizational data holistically and provide you with actionable insights. We can also enrich existing data with automated surveys. Get in touch to see it in action!

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