Employee Lifecycle Mapping

Aligning your HR functions with your business goals is a major challenge. Employee Lifecycle Mapping services help you create an evidence-based practice that genuinely supports your business.

Employee Lifecycle Mapping - Employee Journey - People Analytics - Orgnostic
Employee Lifecycle Mapping - Employee Journey - People Analytics - Orgnostic

Employee lifecycle highlighting some out-of-the-box metrics for each step. This is an example of steps and metrics — we create custom setups for your specific need.

Process approach

We align business goals with HR initiatives by understanding sector needs and leveraging the Human Capital Value Profiler model to connect people, processes, and business outcomes.


Measuring impact of people processes on business outcomes

Features and Services in use:

  • Employee Journey
  • Data Science on Demand

Steps & Deliverables:

  1. Modelling an employee journey map
    We create a unique map for each customer to track key metrics and KPIs from selection to departure and beyond.
  2. Creating a human capital value chain
    We build a framework connecting people processes with business outcomes, creating the line of impact of human capital investments on overall performance
  3. Designing tailored metrics
    Tailored metrics are designed to answer key business questions and measure the success of each stage in the employee lifecycle.
  4. Creating success index for each
    Indices serve as diagnostic indicators of success for lifecycle stages and a focus device for what matters
  5. Tying it all up with product interface
    Orgnostic platform provides a perfect blend between data and actionable insights accessible in an employee journey map format


HR team’s KPIs are measurable and tangible providing a clear framework for evaluating the team’s performance and success

The CHRO uses insights to design and drive business strategy through organizational and people initiatives.

Find out how Employee Lifecycle Mapping can be applied to your business.

Key Benefits of Employee Lifecycle Mapping with Orgnostic

Employee lifecycle or employee journey mapping is a critical people operations/HR process that offers several benefits and should be engaged and revised throughout a company’s development. Let’s upgrade your HR practice together.

  • Complete visibility in employee journey
  • Identification of key processes for improvement
  • Alignment of HR initiatives with business goals
  • Increase in Employee Lifetime Value

“We started from the CHRO making decision based on hunches and gut feelings to our whole team having a set of measurable KPIs that are tied to business goals and a CHRO with the solid data to back her recommendations to the board. Next step is that all of our business decisions in the company are taken from a people centric perspective with tangible outcomes. Orgnostic was there on each step of the way and we were glad to have a company that bought our ambition and was also sharing this ambition with us.”

Edson Barreto, Global HR Director at South Pole

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Employee Lifecycle Mapping within our inferface

We provide both the technology to capture and measure employee data holistically — and the knowledge/support to tailor a personalized mapping experience for you. Our approach starts from the employees’ experience perspective. We create unique employee journey maps for each customer, tailored to their processes and strategies.

Create a health index for each stage in employee lifecycle to quickly understand what to focus on

Set targets and focus on the metrics that matter

Define your own employee lifecycle stages

Dive deep into each metric for further diagnostics or use our insights

Orgnostic demo

Find out how Employee Lifecycle Mapping can be applied to your business

Measure how employee engage with your organisation at all stages of their employment. We help you bring HR functions up to the level of understanding the business and supporting it with tangible impact.

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