Fast track to the insights behind your people data

Connect all your HR data in one people analytics platform and quickly uncover the insights you need to measure the success of your people initiatives.

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A single source of truth for all your HR data

Consolidate your scattered HR data. Put everything in a single People Analytics platform. Organized, structured, and easily accessible.

“We were positively surprised how quick and easy the implementation process with Orgnostic was. In only one day we connected our HRIS and could start accessing our dashboards and analysis. Orgnostic’s speed and quality of the analysis was really outstanding!”

Larissa List, Senior Manager People Analytics at Ada Health

  • Workday
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Greenhouse
    Out of the box integration
  • Lever
    Out of the box integration
  • BambooHR
    Out of the box integration
  • PeopleHR
    Out of the box integration
  • TalentLyft
    Out of the box integration
  • Avature
  • Betterworks
  • Teamtailor
    Out of the box integration
  • ADP
  • Paycor
  • Timetastic
  • 15five
    Out of the box integration
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Bob
    Out of the box integration
  • Paylocity
  • Workable
    Out of the box integration
  • Personio
    Out of the box integration
  • Lattice
    Out of the box integration
  • Paycom
  • Recruitee
    Out of the box integration
  • Humaans
    Out of the box integration
  • People Soft
  • UKG
  • Gusto
    Out of the box integration
  • iCIMS
  • Oracle
  • Jobvite
  • Google Sheets

Secure data

Security and Privacy

All your data is securely hosted in either North America or Europe (you choose where). Always encrypted, always served over a secure connection. GDPR compliant. SOC 2 Type II compliant. CCPA compliant. CDPA compliant.

“Security is everyone’s responsibility. We are promoting security culture throughout our organization, making sure everyone understands that security and privacy are principles on which trust is built, both in and out of the organization.”

Aleksandar Ristic, Chief Information Security Officer at Orgnostic

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Break free from data silos

Lightning-fast time to insight

With Orgnostic, your time to insight is measured in hours instead of months. With a standard HR tech stack with fewer custom fields, the implementation takes a few hours. Even with complex, custom setups, our Metamodel™ allows us to integrate your data in a matter of weeks.

100s of out-of-the box metrics

Orgnostic maps your data to hundreds of out-of-the-box metrics, dashboards, reports, predictive insights, and ongoing data quality audits. We turn your data into engaging stories your stakeholders will love to read, leaving space for you to deal with deeper, more detailed analyses.

Data engineering as a service

Our API lets you import structured data from Orgnostic into your own data warehouse or BI tool of your choice. Leave data integration, orchestration and modeling to us, and spend your time on analyses that move the needle for the business.

Employee lifecycle

Quantify the employee journey and improve productivity

Quantify the employee lifetime value, improve the employee experience, and boost overall company performance. Get pre-defined metrics for each step of the employee journey:

“For me, the most important benefit is the ability to cover all points in the employee lifecycle with accurate metrics and personalized surveys. We understand our employee experiences better whilst they feel more heard.”

Mike Komola, CHRO at Mary’s Place

Data storytelling

Instantly get from data to insights

From quality of hire to avoidable turnover, from diversity in critical roles to equitable compensation — get insights into hard-to-notice trends, along with relevant context and recommended action steps. The insights will instantly appear on your dashboard as soon as we find some trends that require your attention in your data.

“The insights you’ve shared with me, and the reports I could pull from the platform have been really helpful in getting my strategy signed off.”

Emma Atkins, Director of People Success at Hotjar


Save hundreds of hours wasted on manual reporting

Automated digests will take care of half of your reporting workload. The drag-and-drop custom report editor will help you deal with the rest.

“We all got really excited when Orgnostic email reports came through. We thought, `Wow, we can actually visualize all of this data.´So, we’re loving it already.”

Radhika Chudasama, People Director at FintechOS

Employee listening

Connect surveys with the rest of your people data

Data from your HR information systems tell you what is happening in your organization. Survey responses tell you why. See them side by side, and you’ll understand the employee experiences driving absenteeism, turnover, performance and more.

  • Automated. Surveys can be triggered by HRIS and ATS events, or launched with a single click. Platform sends invites, reminders, and collects results.
  • Rigourous. Only proven surveys make the cut. Scientifically validated.
  • Integrated. Survey data and systems data side by side. Understand both what is happening in your organization, and why, all in one place.

Data health

Ensure the reliability and accuracy of your data

Identify any potential issues or inconsistencies in your data, such as missing values or incorrect formatting with Orgnostic’s Data Health. Get clear and actionable recommendations for prioritizing the data that is most relevant to your current analyses to make the cleaning process more efficient.

“I can finally easily visualize data from Greenhouse. The immediate benefit was the ability to uncover errors in my HR tools and processes by seeing the data and getting the data health reports.”

Matea Baric, Lead Talent Partner at Cervest

Top-ranked people analytics solution

“Orgnostic takes a unique approach to people analytics. Their platform can take your raw data and turn it into a story-like report that provides insights, recommendations, and beautiful visuals that are easy to understand and share.”

Rodrigo Vázquez Mellado, Select Software Reviews

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Orgnostic Top HR Analytics Software

Your reliable partner on your people analytics journey

As your People Analytics operations scale up, and your job description evolves along with it — we’ll be here to support you at each step of the way.

“Customer success team which is built by ex-CHROs and people analytics specialists helped us get the TA reporting of the ground in a matter of a day.”

Jason Dean, Talent Acquisition Manager at Reveal

Best-in-class people analytics platform

Get from raw data to driving business results through analytics in a matter of weeks. As your organization scales, Orgnostic’s people analytics platform is here to help you accelerate your progress along the maturity curve.

Guided consultancy

Get expert guidance from our Customer Success team led by a former CHRO, or add power to your team by working with our data scientists. Our data scientist on demand service helps you run custom analyses whenever you need them, without adding to your headcount.

Learn and connect with other practitioners

Learn about everything from assembling a robust HR tech stack to developing a data-driven HR strategy by joining our People Analytics Masterclass Series. Expand your network and stay on top of a rapidly-developing field by joining our community.

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