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Orgnostic Co-Founder and CTO Joins Forbes Technology Council

Igor Bogicevic, Orgnostic Co-Founder and CTO, has joined the Forbes Technology Council, an invite-only community of leading CIOs, CTOs, and tech executives.

We’re excited to announce that Orgnostic Co-Founder and CTO, Igor Bogicevic, has joined Forbes Technology Council, an organization that brings together respected tech leaders with deep knowledge and diverse experience in the industry.

I’m honored that I have become a part of the Forbes Technology Council and I’m looking forward to becoming a contributing member of this extraordinary group.

I believe that technology should serve humanity and that all of us that had a chance to work on significant and complex technical problems that do matter have been blessed to have a goal and purpose. – Igor Bogicevic, Orgnostic Co-Founder and CTO

As a member of the Council, Igor will have a chance to connect and collaborate with global tech leaders, sharing insights and experience on how to put technology to a good cause.

Coming from a deep-tech background, working with such a great team at Orgnostic, and being able to put our collective, diverse knowledge to help organizations become happier and more productive is a life of privilege. HR has been traditionally sidelined, overlooked, and, often, completely misunderstood — the same goes for a large part of people analytics, and technology built around it — we believe we can help change that. – Igor Bogicevic, Orgnostic Co-Founder and CTO

About Forbes Technology Council

Forbes Councils is a collective of vetted professional networking communities for senior executives and business owners in a variety of industries.

Forbes Technology Council was created in partnership with by the expert community builders who founded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). Its mission is to connect exceptional business owners and senior executives with people and resources to help them thrive.

About Orgnostic

Infrastructure complexity, cost, and trust in HR data quality, prevent HR and management teams from prioritizing the adoption of people analytics.

Orgnostic is on a mission to democratize people analytics and build better organizations with the help of right data.

Our people analytics platform enables HR, People Ops and other C-level leaders to get started with people analytics in a matter of minutes rather than months. We provide leadership teams with high-quality organizational insights that build happier, more efficient and profitable organizations.

To conclude

Forbes communities are known for their diversity of perspectives and the members’ willingness to give as much as they gain. The generosity and depth of insight in Forbes Councils makes it an indispensable resource for every business leader.

We’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together with other leaders in Forbes Technology Council.

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