How it Works

Here’s how to jumpstart your HR analytics journey
from unstructured data to future plans.

Cleaned data → Enriched data → Knowledge between the data → Possible scenarios

Gather your HR data in one place

Connect existing HRIS, ATS, People Management and Financial apps

Start with your HRIS and ATS. Add more data sources as you grow.

Check all the HR metrics that you can track right away but also the metrics you are missing due to bad data.

Get your people data in better shape.

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Enrich your data with automated HR surveying

Quantitative + Qualitative data

Don’t waste time designing and distributing surveys.

Don’t lose time collecting results.

Don’t lose time crunching the results and adding them to the rest of data pool.

Automatize surveys, forget about them, have the continuous stream of data and learn from it.

Choose between Data Filler and Diagnostic surveys — spanning from Onboarding to Exit, to Culture and Wellbeing assessments.

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Get the answers behind your data

Once you have the data you can ask questions. Actually, we asked the crucial ones for you.

Asking questions is easy. Asking the right ones is difficult.

We've separated the most critical human capital questions into 10 chapters: Headcount, Talent Acquisition, DE&I, Talent Management, Total Rewards, Employee Wellbeing, Culture, Team Effectiveness, and Leadership.

Follow the storyline we have created, or play with the filters on metrics of your interest.

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Simulate possible scenarios

When you grow fast your plans are fluid. Envision alternative futures for your organization in a matter of seconds.

It shouldn’t take the planning to do the planning.

What-if let you streamline your workforce planning process and envision how alternative employee plans might impact your OPEX, bottom line, runway, senior productivity and time-to-hire.

Play with different input fields and visualize how the future might play out.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We tend to serve companies with 50+ employees and tendencies to grow. That being said, the earlier you start structuring your data, the better.

    There are multiple benefits to it. It will become easier to add new HR tool vendors and gain the full value from day one.

    As you grow bigger, your analytics debt piles up, and it becomes more expensive to set up the infrastructure and clean the data.

  • Yes, you can.

    We have multiple customers who are using Spreadsheets or Airtable instead of mainstream tools.

    Still, customers that use already established HRIS or ATS solutions tend to have an easier integration and a better quality of data.

  • Yes, you can.

    If you require specific information from your employees not covered by Orgnostic, you are welcome to use Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, or any other surveying solution.

    However, with the set of questionnaires provided by Orgnostic, we are confident that you will not need any other surveying solution to ask crucial organizational questions.

  • We offer different kinds of surveys.

    Our onboarding and exit micro-surveys are automatic and triggered by employee starts and exits.

    We also procure peer-reviewed and academically validated diagnostic surveys on organizational culture, team effectiveness, employee wellbeing, and talent management processes. In addition to these, we too offer employee Net Promoter Score surveys.

  • Feel free to write at

Customers are saying

With intuitive and easy-to-use analytics platform, Orgnostic put into movement tremendous amounts of data we have in our HRIS and ATS.

Kristina Grubac
  • Kristina
  • HR Lead
  • Two Desperados

Orgnostic completely changed the way we approach talent management. We can finally access the data from our HR systems and use it right when we need it.

Marko Djuric
  • Marko
  • Founder and CEO
  • InterVenture