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People Analytics Masterclass —Foundations

Learn what you need to start with people analytics and where to invest to set up a proper infrastructure.


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If you haven’t taken Orgnostic’s People Analytics Masterclass Series, this is a great session to start your people analytics learning journey. In just 4 hours — 60 min per session — we will teach you the important fundamentals you need to have in place to be able to run analyses, get insights, and solve business problems using people data.

Your instructors? Current and former CHROs and People Ops execs from companies like:

Key takeaways

What you’ ll learn

Where to start with people analytics

What to ask when choosing your HR tools and setting the foundations for HR data analyses

Which key prerequisites you need to make sense out of your people data

What potential limitations (legal or technical) to consider and how to overcome them


Topics covered

The series consists of 4 masterclasses that will teach you where to start, which questions to ask, and which topics to pay attention to at the beginning of your journey. Each session includes a multiple-choice quiz and additional resources that lead you to a certificate.

People Analytics Foundations

Learn about the role and place of people analytics in today’s business environment, your career, and why it is becoming a critical skill for HR to be able to position itself as a true partner to its key business stakeholders.

Set Up Your HR Tech Stack

This lesson will cover the most important questions to ask when choosing your HRIS, ATS, LMS, or any other tool related to people data management. Setting up the right foundations from the start will make integrations easier later on, and help you combine data from multiple sources to uncover the story behind it.

Data Health & Data Ethics

Learn how to create a strong data foundation for your people analytics function. The insights you gather from your HR metrics are as strong as the quality of your HR data. This is why data health and strong governance with a clear purpose, standards, privacy, ethics, and security, represent an underlying element of all analytics.

How to Choose a People Analytics Tool

Find out which questions to ask and what important aspects to take into account when considering to either build or buy a people analytics tool, especially if this is your first people analytics solution. Both options carry a set of challenges and risks — and this lesson is designed to help you navigate them.


Meet your instructors

Mirta Stantic

Product Director of Insights at Orgnostic

Mirta has a PhD from the University of Oxford in individual differences in face perception. She is also the Director of Product — Insights, at Orgnostic, a people analytics platform for strategic HR leaders.

Mirta previously worked as a Data Analyst, supporting business recruiting functions at Facebook (now Meta) in San Francisco, where she was tasked with workforce planning, attrition, transfers, and growth modelling, and designing dashboarding solutions to improve recruiting productivity and accelerate hiring capacity.

Covers the topic of:

People Analytics Foundations

Mladen Radovic

People Tech and Analytics at Bitpanda

Mladen is an engineer who wandered into the world of HR and found his place in the field of People Systems and Analytics.

Working for European unicorns Infobip, GetYourGuide, and Bitpanda, gave him a unique opportunity to see what setting up the HR tech stack from scratch looks like in fast growing companies, first hand. He is currently focused on building the People Systems and Analytics function at Bitpanda — an exciting fintech unicorn based out of Vienna.

Covers the topic of:

Setting Up Your HR Tech Stack for People Analytics

Jason Scott

Data Scientist and Researcher at Instacart

Jason Scott, Ph.D. advises companies on how to attract, grow, and retain employees in order to achieve company goals.

He currently leads employee listening strategy at Instacart and has previously worked on diversity, talent management, and recruiting analytics at Facebook (now Meta).

Covers the topic of:

Data Health and Data Ethics

Cole Napper

People Analytics & Chief Evangelist at Orgnostic

Cole Napper, PhD and MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, is a prolific people analytics writer, speaker, podcaster, and thought leader. He has 14+ years of rapidly escalating experience building multiple HR Center of Excellence functions from the ground up to scale — with an expert focus on People Analytics. Cole is a business-focused leader with a strong track record proving the impact of analytics on HR, moving from being a cost center to a profit center. His work is prioritized based on science, data, and execution focus. He is currently the VP of People Analytics for Orgnostic and Owner of Directionally Correct, LLC.

Covers the topic of:

How to choose a People Analytics Tool

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