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People analytics is becoming one of the most important skills for HR professionals. The ability to interpret data and draw actionable conclusions can help your organization recruit and retain the best talent.

In just 8 hours — 60 min per week — we will show you how to set up people analytics and prepare data-driven HR strategies your stakeholders can’t ignore.

This series is not a course on statistics, Excel, R, or Python. Its goal is to help you, the (striving) CHRO and People Analytics Leader, learn how to set the people analytics foundation, build an HR strategy, and tell the story behind your organization’s people data.
Your instructors? Current and former CHROs and People Ops execs from companies like:

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn

Steps to properly set up people analytics foundations

How to connect HR metrics to business goals and implement a data-driven HR strategy

Ways in which to convey your message to key business stakeholders

How to drive meaningful changes in the organization based on data inputs


Topics covered

The series consists of 8 masterclasses that will teach you everything from people analytics foundations to creating and implementing data-informed HR strategies. Each session includes a multiple-choice quiz and additional resources that lead you to a certificate.

People Analytics Foundations

Learn about the role and place of people analytics in today’s business environment, your career, and why it is becoming a critical skill for HR to be able to position itself as a true partner to its key business stakeholders.

Set Up Your HR Tech Stack

This lesson will cover the most important questions to ask when choosing your HRIS, ATS, LMS, or any other tool related to people data management. Setting up the right foundations from the start will make integrations easier later on, and help you combine data from multiple sources to uncover the story behind it.

Data Health & Data Ethics

Learn how to create a strong data foundation for your people analytics function. The insights you gather from your HR metrics are as strong as the quality of your HR data. This is why data health and strong governance with a clear purpose, standards, privacy, ethics, and security, represent an underlying element of all analytics.

Answering Business Questions with Data Insights

The people analytics journey usually starts with a business question that needs an answer. The first, most important step, is that you fully understand the question at hand and learn how to explore your HR metrics to find the answer. Learn how to ask the right people analytics questions and explore HR data to find the answers.

How to Speak the Language of Finance

HR and finance’s ability to work together and understand each other can be critical for an organization. To enable productive collaboration between HR and finance, HR needs to learn how to speak the language of finance, which is often also the language of key business stakeholders. Get equipped with finance skills that will give you a complete picture of your organization and get HR and finance on the same page.

Solving Business Problems Using the Agile HR Mindset

Learn how to translate the Agile HR mindset into your own context, think like a scientist, and apply an evidence-based approach when solving business problems.

Stakeholder Storytelling with the Help of Your Data

Analyses, numbers, and data can often be scary and hard to relate to. Knowing how to take your analyses, connect them to business challenges, and turn them into compelling stories that will capture and retain the focus of your stakeholders, is an art. Learn how to transform data into a story your stakeholders will understand. Get stakeholders on board, excited and ready to sign off on your recommendations.

Data-Informed HR Strategy

Relying only on instinct in the challenging business environment of today is no longer an option. Data tells you where you have been, what worked, what didn’t, and why. Learn how to create an HR strategy that keeps people in the center and is based on data insights that are coming from your HR tools.


Meet your instructors

Mirta Stantic

Product Director of Insights at Orgnostic

Mirta has a PhD from the University of Oxford in individual differences in face perception. She is also the Director of Product — Insights, at Orgnostic, a people analytics platform for strategic HR leaders.

Mirta previously worked as a Data Analyst, supporting business recruiting functions at Facebook (now Meta) in San Francisco, where she was tasked with workforce planning, attrition, transfers, and growth modelling, and designing dashboarding solutions to improve recruiting productivity and accelerate hiring capacity.

Covers the topic of:

People Analytics Foundations

Mladen Radovic

People Tech and Analytics at Bitpanda

Mladen is an engineer who wandered into the world of HR and found his place in the field of People Systems and Analytics.

Working for European unicorns Infobip, GetYourGuide, and Bitpanda, gave him a unique opportunity to see what setting up the HR tech stack from scratch looks like in fast growing companies, first hand. He is currently focused on building the People Systems and Analytics function at Bitpanda — an exciting fintech unicorn based out of Vienna.

Covers the topic of:

Setting Up Your HR Tech Stack for People Analytics

Jason Scott

Data Scientist and Researcher at Instacart

Jason Scott, Ph.D. advises companies on how to attract, grow, and retain employees in order to achieve company goals.

He currently leads employee listening strategy at Instacart and has previously worked on diversity, talent management, and recruiting analytics at Facebook (now Meta).

Covers the topic of:

Data Health and Data Ethics

Patty Smith

Manager, People Analytics at Cruise

Patty currently leads TA Analytics at Cruise, supporting a 150 person Recruiting organization in hiring 1000+ new Cruisers every year.

Prior to Cruise, she led the business analytics function at leading HR-tech company Lattice, and later went on to found Managerie, a start-up in the recruiting space leveraging behavioral assessment data for hiring.

Patty studied Applied Mathematics at Harvard and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Covers the topic of:

Answering Business Questions with Data Insights

Jeff Higgins

Founder & CEO at HCMI

Jeff is a global thought leader with 25 years combined workforce planning, analytics and finance experience supporting Fortune™ 500 companies.

He has helped organizations around the world quantify the ROI of workforce decisions and realize cost saving opportunities of up to $1.0 billion USD.

Jeff is both a former senior HR executive and former CFO, and a regular speaker at HR events. Previously, Mr. Higgins worked in finance at Johnson & Johnson, Colgate Palmolive, Klune Industries and a senior HR leader at Countrywide Financial, IndyMac Bank, and Inform, a leading analytics software co.

Covers the topic of:

How to Speak the Language of Finance

Natal Dank

Co-founder at PXO Culture

Seen as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement, Natal heads Learning, Consultancy & Coaching at PXO Culture and is the chief trend watcher at the HR Trend Institute. Natal coaches clients across all industries, from innovative tech companies, to not-for-profit, to global banks, in how to embrace an Agile mindset and reinvent their people practices.

In 2016, Natal hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London with the aim of building a community of like-minded disrupters, which has since grown into a regular event held across the world from Sydney to Paris and online. In 2020, Natal published the book, Agile HR: Delivering Value in a Changing World of Work and through her work focuses on defining modern HR for the 21st Century.

Covers the topic of:

Solving Business Problems Using the Agile HR Mindset

Nicholas Bremner

People Decision Science at Uber

Nicholas has a passion for using people data to solve business challenges and make organizations better places to work. He has applied himself to this domain for over 12 years, analyzing and translating people data as an academic, consultant, and people analytics professional.

He currently leads People Decision Science at Uber, where he and his team empower leaders and employees to make higher quality decisions using the best available evidence.

Covers the topic of:

Stakeholder Storytelling with the Help of Your Data

Brad Wilkins

Head of People at Braven

Brad is a strategic Chief People Officer with a history of success developing integrated People functions from scratch in fast-paced, growing global companies.

Brad was named one of the Top 25 HR “Game Changers” Under 40 globally by Workforce Magazine, one of the Top 100 Millenial Leaders globally in “Back to Human”, and has received the SHRM-Atlanta Pegasus Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in HR. He has been a featured speaker for LinkedIn, HackingHR, the Talent Management Alliance, TheLadders, Workforce Live, TLNT, ALI, Conference Board and featured in multiple publications including an interview in Forbes.

Covers the topic of:

Data-Informed HR Strategy

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