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Telling the Story of Turnover

Tell your CEO what they need to know about employee turnover reporting. Use this course to unlock the power behind properly analyzing basic employee turnover data to answer the questions that your organization needs to know about employee attrition. The focus is not only on the data but also on how to tell the story behind it.


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In this course, you will learn how to approach generalized questions like “What is the latest update on attrition?” and turn them into meaningful and easy-to-use reporting that tells stories with your attrition data. And the way we’re going to do it is to start with the foundations. We’ll look at all the insights you can learn from basic employee attrition analysis and why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of this information in your organization.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone looking to better understand employee turnover with the help of people data. You don’t need to have advanced technical and data science knowledge to build advanced, predictive models in this course, since the focus is on the baseline information about employees leaving the organization. Learners who will benefit from this course include:

  • HR professionals exploring employee attrition
  • Analysts switching to a People Analyst role
  • Executives/ CHROs who want to understand the impact of employee attrition on the business and what to do about it

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn

Which questions you need to ask to fully understand the request from your business stakeholder about employee attrition. Understanding what’s driving the request, will enable you to tailor your analysis effectively and provide meaningful insights.

How to build beautiful visualizations that point out the most important insights. Learning how to create compelling visualizations will not only enhance the clarity of your insights but also engage your audience.

How to create a business review that tells your CEO what they should know about employee turnover. When reporting to top-level executives, it’s essential to distill your findings into a concise, high-level business review.

How to move beyond the analysis and tell the story about turnover. Focus on effectively narrating the story behind employee turnover, connecting the data to the broader organizational context, challenges, and opportunities.


Topics covered

This masterclass also includes a multiple-choice quiz and additional resources that lead you to a certificate.

People analytics principles

In this lesson, we’ll talk about generalized rules for people analytics that you can use as guiding principles or values when approaching any question that needs an answer with the help of data. These principles should inform any reporting or storytelling you do, ensuring that your data-driven decisions align with your organization’s values and objectives.

What is the journey of a data point?

Data is not always what it seems! Learn through a practical example what it actually looks like to analyze people data needed to answer turnover questions, uncovering the complexities and transformations that data undergoes throughout its journey from collection to analysis.

Visualizations of turnover data

An essential part in presenting employee turnover data is visualization. This needs to be done so that it draws attention to all the important insights and puts them in the context of time and your business model. A dangerous path to take is a one-size-fits-all, since employee turnover is sometimes expected and even desired, always taking into account your organizational context.

How to draw meaningful conclusions from turnover data

Focus on scenario, finding, and insight. Learn how to draw and present meaningful conclusions that tell the story of employee turnover, emphasizing the importance of framing your data analysis in the context of real-world scenarios, identifying key findings, and deriving actionable insights that can drive informed decisions and strategic actions within your organization.


Meet your instructor

Max Brawer teaching Telling the Story of Turnover in People Analytics.

Max Brawer

Founder of People Analytics @ Twitch,. BuzzFeed & Level

Max is a three-time founder of people analytics functions, having built teams at Twitch, BuzzFeed, and Level. In defining and leading these data functions, Max learned to code to fill the gaps he saw in workplace technology, playing the role of PM, engineer, and analyst all at once.

He’s on a mission to make work a more meaningful, inclusive experience and switched into HR after four years in data product management at Nielsen with the hopes of bringing his sheets wizardry and background in Happiness research (socio-emotional psychology) to the art of employee experience.

He has always loved to teach and amplify his findings to new generations of analysts and people. Outside of Orgnostic’s learning hub, he has keynote HR conferences at Qualtrics x4 in Sydney, Greenhouse OPEN, Wellbeing @ Work, and maintains a blog and webstore for analytics content and tools sheetswizard.com

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