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Announcing Orgnostic’s $5M Seed Round: Helping Busy HRs Make Data-Informed Decisions

When I left my full-time job some two and a half years ago to embark on this incredibly exciting entrepreneurial adventure, I had a vision in mind — creating a platform that would democratize consumption of human capital data for businesses worldwide.

Human capital data is the most undervalued resource in almost any company. It has the potential to completely change the way we: 1) design organizations, 2) treat employees, and 3) value companies.

To make foundational changes to leadership and organizations as a whole, we need to capture scattered and hidden organizational data and transform it into knowledge.

Our outstanding team of engineers, data scientists, I/O psychologists, product managers, designers, former CHROs, and people analytics managers brings that vision closer to reality every day.

Today, less than a year after commercially launching the product, we have dozens of companies who are starting to build data-enabled HR management practices with the help of Orgnostic.

The next step is to bring people analytics within reach for thousands of companies.

To help us get there, I am thrilled to share that we partnered with Earlybird Venture Capital, which funded our seed investment round with 5M USD. In addition to Earlybird, our investors’ list comprises Script Capital, South Central Ventures, and a group of fantastic angels, including Eric Ries and Tiho Bajic of Lean Startup and LTSE, Rony Kahan – founder of Indeed, and Charlie Songhurst – former Head of strategy at Microsoft and prolific angel investor.

With the additional capital and a group of strong entrepreneurs, strategists, and investors backing us, we are incredibly optimistic about what lies ahead. They understand the potential of people analytics and how it will change the world in the years to come.

Next Steps


To fully democratize people analytics, we need to make the people analytics platform a genuine SaaS product. Reducing the lengthy and costly data integration process makes the barrier to entry into HR analytics much lower. It opens up opportunities for a great deal of companies to automate their HR reporting.

So far, we have streamlined the data ingestion process and reduced the time to insight from multiple HR apps from the initial six weeks to only 3 hours. Instant integration is currently available for the selected number of the most popular HR tools within the SMB segment (like BambooHR, Lever, HiBob, Greenhouse, PeopleHR, Workable, and more).

Orgnostic integrations

Given the funding, we will make onboarding instantaneous for the majority of HRIS, ATS, LMS, Performance Management, and Financial Data app combos.


Our platform can now highlight the attributes of employees who are more likely to be engaged or experience burnout, conduct turnover survival analysis on the fly, simply test for statistical significance of your pay differences or unplanned leaves, or even catch the critical topic of interest among different segments of employees.

Orgnostic metric that measures what affects employee engagement

As a part of our next development steps, we aim to make these insights:

  1. indexing future actions,
  2. served to your preferred communication channel,
  3. distributed down to the front-line management level.

Our growing customer base makes us capable of clustering the data by different company sizes, industries, geographies, and even business goals. What excites me the most is the future potential to enrich companies’ data with industry insights and benchmarks about any HR question or metric that comes to mind — turnover, salaries, bonuses, time-to-hire, qualified candidates per hire, eNPS, promotion rates, diversity questions… you name it.


We are currently the only tool on the market that allows both data aggregation and new data generation. That way, we help our users keep all of their people analytics in one place. With our employee surveying module that sits on top of the transactional analytics platform, you have a unique opportunity to link your employee sentiment with systems data. That makes it seamless to get the answers to questions like: “What pattern of responses is predictive of employee exits?” or “How does a change in the rewards system impact employees’ engagement?”

Orgnostic surveys

The next step is to bring awareness to the broader HR community about the 10x benefits of a single integrated employee listening and analytics solution. We will continue investing in educating HR peers about people analytics use cases, DIY analytics hacks, and generally bringing up the levels of data literacy within our community.

We owe tremendous gratitude to our early customers and product believers who keep helping us shape the people analytics platform of the next generation. We are also thankful to Drs Daniel Denison and Ruth Wageman, our dear friends and esteemed professors and researchers who have supported us on this journey with their knowledge, instruments, and data. Many thanks, also, go to the HackingHR community that has helped us showcase our work to many colleagues across the globe.

Great things are ahead. I am incredibly excited and humbled to work on what I profoundly enjoy with people I cherish and admire. Adding an amazing group of investors on top makes our vision closer to reality, faster.

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