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Introducing SmartRecruiters Integration

This one is for Talent Acquisition professionals! We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with SmartRecruiters to deliver user-friendly, data-simplified interfaces featuring Q&A Gen AI models and seamless integration with Slack — for more efficient and productive talent finding!

SmartRecruiters is a leading enterprise ATS equipping thousands of TA professionals with an end-to-end recruitment platform, allowing companies to attract, select, and hire the right people at the right time.

With the integration with Orgnostic, SmartRecruiters users get real-time workforce insights across the entire hiring funnel, as well as enriched internal recruitment analyses, allowing them to identify and remove bottlenecks, improve hiring efficiency, and deliver a better candidate experience.

As a result, TA teams get story-like, intuitive interfaces that do not require data prowess and don’t overbear the users with unnecessary charts.

Instead, with Q&A Gen AI language models and Slack integration, non-data stakeholders get to ask data questions in apps they anyway use and are equipped to make business decisions.

People analytics for talent acquisition specialist: interface of orgnostic platform showing a variety of hiring metrics TA teams can track
Orgnostic and SmartRecruiters integration gives TA teams insights into all aspects of hiring, from sourcing to selection to offer, and onwards, as well as a chance to run surveys and gauge candidate experience.

What Talent Acquisition teams get from Orgnostic

Orgnostic is a people analytics platform that connects all HR data into a single place and translates them into guiding insights, allowing the organization to track, measure, and improve workforce initiatives.

This comprehensive look into the workforce is also available to TA teams. As they get real-time workforce analytics across the hiring funnel, they have readily available information that lets them optimize all moments that matter, ultimately being able to hire top talent.

With Orgnostic, TA teams get to:

  • Ask questions in plain English and get contextualized metrics, dashboards, and reports, thanks to Orgnostic Gen AI capabilities
  • Get out-of-the-box metrics, dashboard, and visualizations, including hiring bottlenecks, top hiring sources, quality of hire, offer acceptance rate
  • Get timely insights into how to improve the candidate experience and journey across stages — and optimize the experience in real-time
  • Create custom dashboards, metrics, and reports — and share with stakeholders in a single click.

How Talent Acquisition teams benefit from Orgnostic and SmartRecruiters integration

As companies compete for top talent, TA teams need to work towards several goals at the same time. From overcoming talent shortages in certain industries, to attracting and retaining workforce, all the while ensuring impeccable candidate experience and innovating their recruitment strategy and tactics — and adjusting to remote setup, they cannot afford inefficiencies.

Here’s how Orgnostic and SmartRecruiters partnership helps. With our integration, Talent Acquisition teams get to:

  • Have insights about the progress towards the hiring plan and candidate experience throughout the hiring process
  • Enable automatic surveys and collect feedback from candidates about their experience
  • Learn if you are growing as fast as possible by understanding the quality of hires and the percentage of replacement hires in your total hiring
  • Get an overview of data health to save time cleaning data and get notified about specific fields where you are missing data or where the data is incorrect.

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