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Introducing the Lever Integration

We are happy to announce that we recently joined forces with Lever to build the simplest data integration UX and make the talent acquisition data merge with the rest of your HR records a seamless experience.

Standing with our motto that you don’t have to be a data scientist to do to people analytics, we are delivering on that promise by allowing our customers to easily connect popular HR tech apps with our platform.

Instead of moving data around manually, downloading it to spreadsheets, or engaging your engineering teams to support you in the data integration process, now you can get people analytics on top of your ATS data in a few clicks.

Lever is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform offering everything you need to build talent relationships across multiple channels, have complete pipeline coverage from source to hire to rediscovery, and get unified insights. Use Lever to create a better experience for talent leaders and your candidates.

By connecting Lever, you’ll get access to over 20 essential sourcing, selection, job offer, and candidate experience metrics in your Talent Acquisition Story chapter.

Here’s how to connect Lever with Orgnostic

That’s it!

Orgnostic has ready-built integrations with plenty of other solutions, including your HRIS tools such as BambooHR, Bob, Gusto, PeopleHR, to name a few. By connecting these various sources in a few simple steps, we enable you to build a single source of truth for your HR data, enrich it with employee surveys, and automate your people analytics with better insights for the C-suite.

If you have any questions about this integration or if you want to see a different one, feel free to reach out.

To learn more check out our help center and Levers’ documentation.

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