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Orgnostic People Analytics Generative AI Capabilities Now Available as Slack Integration

By introducing generative AI to its people analytics platform, Orgnostic was the first in the market to bring LLM-supported functionalities to people analytics — to help organizations make big decisions faster than ever before. 

With the new Slack integration (and Teams integration soon to follow), Orgnostic’s “people analyst in a box” already takes the next big step forward, dramatically increasing interaction with people data throughout the organization and reducing the workloads on people analytics teams.

Orgnostic is the first people analytics company to build generative AI capabilities for you — read on to learn what’s in store!

Thanks to our newest updates, you can now unlock — and put to use — the full power of generative AI in people analytics directly in your Slack. 

This means that you can get answers to organizational questions, set a course of action, and make the right decisions based on the data you already have, faster than ever before.

With the Orgnostic AI Slack integration you can ask questions in human language and get:

  • a summarization of all the metrics and insights on the Orgnostic platform related to your question (with links to the platform where you can further explore and slice and dice the data)
  • a broader answer to your question, using our knowledge base and pointers to a vast library of external resources on how to address specific questions. 

See it in action:

On the launch of the Orgnostic Slack integration, Igor Bogicevic, Orgnostic Co-Founder and CTO, said:

“In line with our mission to democratize people analytics, we worked on this integration as we want to enable the managers throughout the organization to get valuable data and insights related to their teams and departments, but without the need to go through a vast set of metrics.

“By simply asking the question that they would ask a people analyst, managers can now get the actionable insights as fast and easily as possible, directly through Slack, and soon through Teams as well.

“This integration also reduces the workloads from people analytics teams so they can outsource general questions to the Orgnostic platform and instead use their time on high-impact analytics for their organization.”

In case you missed it, earlier last month, we launched AI functionalities based on large language models in our people analytics platform and so became the first in the market to help people analysts, HR teams, and organizations make data-driven decisions faster than ever before, but while being mindful of security and privacy concerns that come from blending people data and AI.

This move towards prescriptive people analytics makes it possible for HR teams and people analysts to ask questions in natural language and get relevant information and actionable insights on their workforce data — in line with our mission to make people analytics more accessible for HR teams, people analysts, and management.

Our metamodel synthesizes data from multiple systems and enables HR teams to query any organizational question that might stem from their data (HRIS, ATS, LMS, performance management tool, surveys) with a natural language prompt — the same way they would ask their analyst.

On the launch of Orgnostic AI capabilities, Luka Babic, Orgnostic CEO, said: 

“Imagine having access to your complete HR data combined with insights from more than 100,000 selected HR blogs, articles, IO psychology research papers, and benchmarking datasets at your fingertips. With Orgnostic, you don’t have to imagine – it’s a reality.

“Our AI Metrics Search feature allows you to ask any question about your people data and get relevant data visuals with a fully contextualized summary and highlights of the metrics of your choice. You can quickly identify patterns, trends, and opportunities to improve your workforce and stay ahead of your competitors.

“With our AI Prescriptive Summaries feature, you can stay up-to-date with the latest industry best practices and take proactive measures to prevent employee turnover.

“And if that’s not enough, our AI Report Maker allows you to generate reports with ease. Say goodbye to the days of clicking, copying/pasting, and formatting errors. With Orgnostic, you can ask for any report, and we’ll provide you with a fully-fledged report template that’s easy to understand and fully customizable.”

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About Orgnostic

Orgnostic is a people analytics platform on a mission to democratize people analytics and build better organizations with the help of the right data.

The company was founded by Luka Babic and Igor Bogicevic. Prior to starting Orgnostic, CEO Luka Babic was an award-winning HR manager, a member of the management board and the Head of People Operations at Infobip, enabling its growth from the startup stage to unicorn status. CTO Igor Bogicevic was previously the Co-founder and CTO of Seven Bridges Genomics, an industry leader in the domain of biomedical data analysis, named one of the 50 smartest companies by MIT Tech Review. He is also a member of the Forbes Tech Council.

Orgnostic enables HR, People Analytics, and other C-level leaders to get from messy data siloed in different HR tools to insights in a matter of days instead of months. The company provides leadership teams with high-quality organizational insights that build happier, more efficient and profitable organizations.

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