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Understanding and Leveraging Employee Attrition

Learn about the impact of attrition on people and the business. Uncover and leverage insights to react — and prevent — employee turnover, saving money for the organization and increasing employee retention.


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If you’re wondering about how to explain the importance and impact of employee attrition on the organization bottom line to your stakeholders, you’ve come to the right place.

In this course, you will learn about the impact of attrition on employee engagement, organizational productivity, and overall bottom line. You will focus on uncovering important factors that may drive employee turnover and learn how to adjust retention strategies accordingly and invest into efforts that make the most sense.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who are are looking to move from a reactive to a proactive mode and try to predict organizational areas with a higher risk of turnover to address them timely and retain talent.

  • Analysts or Data Scientists
  • HR Professionals exploring employee attrition
  • Executives/CHROs who want to understand the impact of employee attrition on the business and what to do about it

Key takeaways

What you’ll learn

Why attrition/turnover matters to the business.

Definition of attrition and key measures to use to understand it and act accordingly

Levers from attrition data you can use to impact the business.

How to move from diagnostic to predictive analytics to prevent and proactively address attrition.


Topics covered

This masterclass also includes a multiple-choice quiz and additional resources that lead you to a certificate.

Why Employee Attrition Matters

Employee Attrition has multiple effects on the organization, reflected in increased costs, loss of knowledge, lower morale, etc. Combined, these factors influence the overall business results and the organizational bottom line. Learn more about the importance of employee attrition.

Measuring Employee Attrition

To get to the root cause of attrition, one must start asking questions to better understand the population leaving, the demographics, types of exit, exit reasons etc. The answers lie in important turnover insights which, when combined with other organizational data recorded in the recruiting process (ATS tool), onboarding, performance data, engagement data, exit surveys/interview data etc., provide a full picture on employee attrition.

Leveraging Turnover Data

Once you’ve analysed employees leaving and can answer all the related questions, you should use these insights to inform your hiring strategy, move forward with targeted interventions, and focus your retention efforts.ress and refining DEI strategies accordingly.

Toward Predictive Analytics

The next step is moving from reactive to proactive mode to ensure retention of your talent.


Meet your instructor

Lisa Blanchard

Analytics Consultant at January Digital

Lisa comes from an engineering background and developing engineers is her passion. With 10+ years of experience working as a researcher and analyst, her specialties are problem-solving, continuous improvement, facilitation, consensus-building, technical writing, and project and program management. She is most excited about promoting the science and engineering disciplines and getting more women and minorities involved in STEM fields.

Lisa is currently directing her continuous improvement efforts toward building human capital and developing technical professionals.

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