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Start for free by getting your data cleaned and ready for analysis. Scale features as your practice matures. Use our product and services as a force multiplier for your people analytics efforts.

Improve your core HR and ATS data. Get Community and People Analytics Learning Hub access. A simple way to get started with people analytics.
  • Key features
  • HRIS and ATS integrations
    complete list of self-onboarding integrations available in Orgnostic Help center.
  • Data Health audit
  • 3 months of data history
  • Access to 120+ built-in metrics
    about Headcount, Diversity, Talent Acquisition, Rewards, Turnover, Talent Management and Leadership
  • Educational materials
  • Google and Microsoft SSO
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yearly -20%
Out-of-the-box feature-rich people analytics solution, built to get you up and running fast. Best suited for People Operations leaders.
  • Everything in Free, and
  • Advanced data segmentation and filtering
  • Statistical models and insights
  • Individual employee journeys and benchmarks
  • Workforce targets and scenarios
  • Automated reporting
  • e-NPS survey
  • Data downloads in multiple formats
  • Magic link sharing capabilities
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Fully customizable set of products and services for you to pick and choose from. Best fit for people analytics leaders and CHROs.
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  • Everything in Pro, and
  • Custom data source integrations
  • Advanced permission models
  • Custom metrics development
  • Custom employee surveys development
  • Data enrichment capabilities
  • Data orchestration engine and BI data warehouse
  • White-labeled platform
  • SAML integration
  • Dedicated Customer Success rep
  • People Analyst on Demand
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Used by data-driven HR and People Analytics teams At:

Add-on Features


People Analyst on Demand

Work with our people analytics experts, data scientists and engineers who specialize in getting insights from your HR data. Get in touch to explore how we can best support your people analytics efforts.

  • Find the right talent on the market
  • Map out a complete employee journey
  • Create a set of HR KPIs connected to the business
  • Find additional data sources
  • Manage the ETL pipeline


Employee Listening

Want to improve employee satisfaction and productivity? Integrating employee surveys with all HR data is the way to go. Orgnostic is the only people analytics platform in the market with an embedded employee listening system.

  • Determine the factors that impact organizational culture and engagement
  • Take targeted action to address issues
  • Improve the overall employee experience


Revelio Labs

Revelio Labs absorbs and standardizes hundreds of millions of public employment records to create world’s first universal HR database. With the native Orgnostic add-on you can have all of it on top of your own internal dataset.

  • Understand the workforce dynamics of any company
  • Compare workforce metrics and trends against industry benchmarks and competitors
  • Get live compensation benchmarks to monitor the quality of your total rewards strategy and many more

Feature Comparison

  • Data Integrations
  • Core HR System
  • ATS
  • Indeed
  • Payroll
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Spreadsheets
  • Additional Custom Data Sources
  • Core Product Features
  • Live Data Quality Audits
  • Historical Data Views
  • Access to a complete database of pre-built metrics
  • Self-service metrics search and dashboards
  • Automated reporting
  • Data filtering
  • Insights and statistical models
    Advanced statistical models and out-of-the-box hypotheses tests on your data, about pay gaps, talent pipelines, turnover drivers, and more.
  • Workforce targets and scenarios
  • Employee journeys and benchmarks
    View data and internal benchmarks down to the employee level.
  • Data Access, Sharing and Permissions
  • Google and Microsoft SSO
  • Data downloads
    Download metrics in a png, svg, and csv formats.
  • Live dashboards via magic links
  • Advanced permissions model
    Selecting the level of data access based on hierarchy, location, and a set of features.
  • SAML integration
  • Open API
  • Data Orchestration and cloud BI warehouse
  • Employee Listening
  • e-NPS survey
  • Automated Onboarding and Exit surveys
  • HR Process Efficiency Survey
  • Employee Wellbeing Survey
  • Custom Diagnostic Surveys Design
  • Custom Employee Lifecycle Surveys design with trigers
  • Services
  • Learning Hub
  • People Analytics Lounge Community and Resources
    A community of passionate HR, People Operations and HR Business Partner leaders dedicated to learning and sharing best practices, supporting each other and challenging themselves to reach the next level in their careers
  • Email customer support
  • Shared Slack Channel
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Tailored Data Literacy programs for HR teams
    a series of online courses, exercises, data sets and tailored live and online workshops that will help participants develop a deeper understanding of data analytics and its applications in HR.
  • ETL and data pipeline services
  • People Analyst on Demand
    People analytics experts, data scientist and engineers who specialize in getting insights from your HR data.
  • Custom Metrics Development
  • ESG and Human Capital Reporting and Disclosure
    We provide analytics, reporting , assessments and recommendations for addressing ESG risks, as well as consulting services on developing human capital strategies.
  • Employee Journey Mapping and HR KPIs setup
  • Free

    • 3 months
    • Up to 2 data filters
  • Pro

    • Complete history
    • Unlimited
  • Tailored

    • Complete history
    • Unlimited
    • 24/7
    • 24 hours per quarter

Calculate the ROI of using Orgnostic for your organization

Build or Buy: Choosing Your People Analytics Solution

As a people analytics leader, you’re faced with the choice: build your in-house solution or buy a platform to speed up your efforts. More than a platform, Orgnostic is a reliable partner that helps your people analytics team

  • Develop people analytics infrastructure within minutes if not days
  • Create a simple to use self-service platform for your stakeholders
  • Proactively manage data quality throughout your HR organization
  • Get the most flexibility with your data manipulation
  • Do all of that at the fraction of the cost of your alternative solutions

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Used by data-driven HR and people analytics teams

  • “The insights you’ve shared with me, and the reports I could pull from the platform have been really helpful in getting my strategy signed off.”

    Emma Atkins, Director of People Success at Hotjar

  • “Customer success team which is built by ex-CHROs and people analytics specialists helped us get the TA reporting of the ground in a matter of a day.”

    Jason Dean, Talent Acquisition Manager at Reveal

  • “We all got really excited when Orgnostic email reports came through. We thought, `Wow, we can actually visualize all of this data.´So, we’re loving it already.”

    Radhika Chudasama, People Director at FintechOS

  • “The immediate benefit was the ability to uncover errors in my HR tools and processes by seeing the data and getting the data health reports.”

    Matea Baric, Lead Talent Partner at Cervest

  • “In only one day we connected our HRIS and could start accessing our dashboards and analysis. Orgnostic’s speed and quality of the analysis was really outstanding!”

    Larissa List, Senior Manager People Analytics at Ada Health


What is included in the Employee Listening add-on?

Whenever you have a hypothesis to test, send a diagnostic survey to better understand what’s going on in a team or your entire organization.

This addon gives you access to out-of the box surveys backed by research from leading universities such as Harvard.

Diagnostic surveys give you deeper insights on these areas:
– Culture
– Team Effectiveness
– Employee Engagement
– Burnout Risk
– Psychological Safety
– Talent Management Processes
– Custom Surveys

Why do you offer a free plan when similar products don’t?

With our free plan, we want to help you see how easy it is to have answers to all of your people analytics questions at your fingertips. Also, we want to make sure that your data is clean and healthy so you can get the value before starting to pay for your analytics solution. Our goal is to popularize data-informed decision-making among CHROs and other HR leaders.

Is the free plan really free, or are there some hidden costs?

Yes. The free plan is truly free and it includes the integration of two independent HR data sources and 3 months of data history.
You can also use the free plan, and decide to add Diagnostic surveys as an add-on feature. Add-ons are paid features.
This is the perfect time for adopting people analytics solution — before you generate organizational and data debt. That kind of debt significantly increases the cost of implementation of a people analytics solution as it requires vast additional service costs. Save time and money and get started today!

How does an add-on pricing work?

Add-on features build on top of the basic functionalities of your plan. For example, diagnostic surveys are externally benchmarked surveys that help you assess your culture or team effectiveness, and they have their own pricing outlined above. For working with our on-call data scientists, we need a bit more information in order to be able to create a quote, so please contact us if you are interested in having the support of a data scientist specializing in HR analytics!

Do you charge for custom integrations?

Custom integrations include API integrations with in-house built tools, standard enterprise tools with highly customizable setups, tools with missing open APIs, and spreadsheets.
We charge for custom integrations based on the number of developer hours needed to integrate and structure the data to fit our data meta-model.

Do you offer both annual and monthly billing?

Yes, we offer both monthly and annual billing options. However, the minimum platform subscription period is 1 year.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we provide refunds.
If you are not satisfied with the value you are getting from our product in the first three months of usage, we provide a full refund on the subscription costs.

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