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How Orgnostic Combines People Analytics and Employee Listening

Having employee survey data and HR systems data under the same roof gives you a unique opportunity to understand both what is happening in your organization, and why, all in one place. Here’s how Orgnostic helps you do this in your organization.


I see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices.

The disenchantment of a nurse who only wants to help patients, but can’t get out of the cycle of excess paperwork & administrative largess.

The disenchantment of a school teacher who only wants to help students learn, but can’t get out of the cycle of teaching to standardized tests.

The disenchantment of an artist who only wants to build inspiring art, but can’t get out of the cycle of producing the few prints that sell.

This is the disenchantment I see from people analytics leaders with which I speak. People analytics leaders who only want to make an impact on their organization, but can’t get out of the cycle of being stuck in data hell. I saw it in the mirror not too long ago from myself. I couldn’t own it, but something was taking the light out of my eyes and the passion from my voice.

Senseless work.

Famously, Edwards Deming once said, “There is no greater waste than doing with great efficiency that which should not be done at all.”

Senseless work saps the soul. It crushes the spirit. It takes once passion-filled people analytics leaders and teams, and leads to… disenchantment.

Why am I talking about disenchantment rather than discussing why Orgnostic combines people analytics and employee listening technology together in one?

Because I care. I care because I’ve been you. I am you. I’ve experienced the disenchantment myself, and I want to help. Disenchantment is the root cause of people analytics stagnation, and Orgnostic is the antidote. Don’t you want an antidote? Don’t you miss the passion? I know I did, and I am here to tell you there is a better way.

For us, this better way means combining people analytics and your HR data from various sources into a single source of truth, and enriching it with insights we derive from employee listening, namely context-driven surveys.

So, why combine people analytics and employee listening?

At the bottom of everything, it’s to bring back the light to your eyes. In a real sense, Orgnostic is a platform that is made to crush senseless work. Moreover, it’s made to add value to you and your team. Orgnostic exists to be a force-multiplier. It exists to help you punch above your weight. Orgnostic can remove the cloud that’s hanging over your head and replace it with sunshine. Wouldn’t that be nice?

But, how do we do that?

Orgnostic does this by combining the elements you long for in employee listening with elements you need from people analytics.

Employee listening

Employee listening is context. It is context-driven surveys that span the entire employee lifecycle.

Orgnostic surveys are automatically triggered to run in the background, so no human being ever has to do the senseless work of manually sending surveys again.

The surveys are based on repeatedly validated, scientific constructs that are easily benchmarked.

Orgnostic surveys

More importantly, the insights, context, and story derived from the surveys is natively combined into Orgnostic’s people analytics platform to contextualize the experiences of employees all in one place – one less senseless system to which an HRBP or business leader needs to login.

More time to be spent on the thing you are passionate about, improving employee experiences.

People analytics

People analytics, on the other hand, is the truth. A people analytics platform doesn’t exist to be a glorified navel-gazing dashboard. A people analytics platform exists to communicate truth.

How does it do that?

Orgnostic’s people analytics platform starts with simplicity, and removes all the senseless manual work. Why make analysts export data, clean it, synthesize it, and report upon it just to do it all again next week, when a tool could do that work for them instantly?

Why make users dust off their college statistics textbook to understand their data, when they could read data insights written in plain English?

Why make organization leaders search and search for the trends in their data, when the trends could be surfaced to them directly? Why make users tax themselves with complexity, when an intuitive story, with positive prescriptions, could be right in front of their face as the problem arises? The data is waiting to be acted upon. It’s waiting on you to return with the passion and vigor to solve business problems.

Pay Gap Insight with Orgnostic

I tell people often, Orgnostic is here to make your problems our problems. The beauty of it is, with Orgnostic’s people analytics and employee listening platform built on top of our universal data taxonomy, the platform makes problems that seem insurmountable to you today, easily scalable to us. You become the beneficiary of that scale.

Let us take care of your data headaches. Check out the platform features here to learn more 👉

So what does employee listening mean at Orgnostic?

Having employee survey data and HR systems data under the same roof gives you a unique opportunity to understand both what is happening in your organization, and why, all in one place.

Measuring employee life cycle

Orgnostic gives you a complete overview of your employee journey throughout all the stages of their interaction with the company: Hiring, Onboarding, Development, Absence, and Exit.

Measuring the full employee lifecycle allows you to quantify and increase the employee lifetime value, allowing you to improve performance and employee experience.

To see more about Orgnostic’s surveying capability — check out this video of me and Luka:

Combining employee listening and people analytics with Orgnostic

So what is Orgnostic’s people analytics platform?

When searching for the story behind your company’s people data, you often end up spending more time on wrangling data in several different tools than on finding valuable insights for your organization.

Connecting data from various sources with Orgnostic

Orgnostic helps you take that time back. We connect all of your people data — from HR tool data to survey results, and more — into a single source of truth. This helps you switch your focus from connecting, structuring, and cleaning data to work that truly makes an impact — finding insights for your stakeholders.

If you’re interested in learning more about Orgnostic, schedule a demo, start a free trial, and join the People Analytics Lounge with other PA leaders from over 700 other companies.

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