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Introducing the Turnover Insight

Understanding factors linked to turnover in your organization is the first step in reducing involuntary attrition. Our Turnover Insight helps you identify such factors to then build effective interventions.

Designing a retention strategy requires in-depth exploration of factors associated with turnover in your organization.

Here’s how Orgnostic’s Turnover Insight detects these factors and suggests actions to build an effective retention strategy.

What is the Turnover Insight?

The Turnover Insight tells you a story about factors often associated with turnover in your organization. It also tells you about chained turnover events, which are instances of people in your organization leaving soon after their close peers or direct managers leave.

Turnover Insight overview

The Turnover Insight lets you explore the factors associated with turnover across different locations, teams, and departments.

Let’s dive into how this insight works and how you can use it to your advantage.

How does the Turnover Insight work?

The Turnover Insight will appear on your Home page if you have your HRIS source connected to the Orgnostic platform.

You will see this insight if you have accumulated enough turnover events in your HRIS and if our model managed to find patterns in such events.

For a quick walkthrough of key pieces of information you get with the Turnover Insight, hear from Mirta Stantic, our Director of Product, Insights:

Orgnostic Turnover Insight walkthrough

The Insight looks into historical data on turnover and other factors temporally associated with it.

We’re currently focusing on factors related to salary practices in your organization, as well as factors related to chained turnover events.

The list of factors we investigate will continue to grow as we discover new bits and pieces of your turnover story.

Each factor is more or less frequently associated with turnover events at your company. We quantify this as a proportion of contribution to our Turnover Insight model. If a factor’s proportion of contribution is high, you should consider that factor when designing your retention strategy.

An overview of different factors contributing to Turnover in your organization.

We also offer you a view into the link between different turnover events. More specifically, we surface a view into how many employees left the company after their peers or manager left the company, or both:

An overview of chained turnover events

Our insights are also accompanied by a Playbook – a set of suggestions you can try out if you want to explore these topics further. Our Playbook is constantly growing and we are dedicated to surfacing highly specific and researched advice and suggestions. You can also interact with it and tick any suggestion you have already rolled out.

Turnover Playbook with specific steps you can take to curb turnover

Which other insights can I find in Orgnostic?

Insights are a really powerful tool — they allow you to take that next step and draw conclusions that can drive your initiatives and interventions. Here are some other insights you can find in Orgnostic in addition to the Turnover Insight.

You can explore differences in employee salaries through the Pay Gap Insight — an insight that tells you the story around salary practices in your organization.

If you’re interested in improving your hiring pipeline, the Candidate Drop-Off Insight and Hiring Bottlenecks Insight offer a view into processes that can be optimized for a smoother candidate experience.

All these insights are powered by your data and you can explore its cleanliness through Data Health — a tool for detecting which HRIS and ATS fields need your attention.

What’s next for Insights?

The Turnover Insight offers you a way to look into factors that are driving turnover in your organization, which you can then use to power your initiatives. We are constantly improving and broadening our Insights by investigating your data and keeping up with novel research on organizational insights.

More insights are on their way – our next goal is to offer you a detailed view into employee burnout and performance which will take you a step closer to understanding factors driving employee engagement and effectiveness.

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