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Introducing Unplanned Leaves Insight

Unplanned leaves may reduce the productivity of a certain team and impact the overall capacity of the organization. Our new insight offers you a view into which departments and teams have unusually high unplanned leaves, as well as projected unplanned leaves for the future months. Read on to learn more.

What are unplanned leaves?

Unplanned leaves are unscheduled leaves, that occur without previous notice. These leaves might happen due to various reasons — sick leaves, doctor appointments, jury duty, wedding leaves, or employee burnout. Such absences often have a toll on the project delivery, as they impact the project timeline or the scope of the project.

In order to keep the project on course, it is necessary to tackle the issue of unplanned leaves — by adjusting the timeline of the project before and during its lifetime, re-allocating resources when needed, all the while taking into account the possibility of unplanned leaves during the planning phase.

However, all of these actions require insights into which business units record unusually high unplanned leaves when compared to the rest of the company, as well as how many unplanned leaves should be expected in the near future.

Enter the Unplanned Leaves Insight — to help you understand the patterns of these absences.

How does the Unplanned Leaves Insight work?

Our Unplanned Leaves Insight scans through your business units and surfaces if some of them have significantly higher unplanned leaves when compared to the rest of the company.

These unplanned leaves are represented as the percentage of working days multiplied by the absences recorded as unscheduled leaves.

This view offers you an insight into which business units should take this buffer into account when planning the resource allocation for a certain project.

Being able to get estimates on the number of unplanned leaves during a future period is crucial for keeping the project on the course.

And so the second part of Unplanned Leaves Insight offers you just that: we take into account your historical data on unplanned leaves and create estimates on what these could look like in the next three months.

How to access the Unplanned Leaves Insight?

To explore the Unplanned Leaves Insight, you need to connect your HRIS to the Orgnostic platform. After connecting your HRIS, you can access this Insight through the Unplanned Leaves metric in the Headcount chapter.

Which other insights can I find in Orgnostic?

Our Insights are constantly growing. You can improve your hiring pipeline by identifying stages with unusually high candidate drop-off rates, as well as candidates that spend too much time in a specific recruitment stage.

You can also take a look into factors that are driving turnover in your company, as well as whether there are salary differences between male and female employees in your company.

All these Insights are powered by your data, and that is why we also introduced Data Health — a tool for detecting which HRIS and ATS fields need your attention.

If you’re an Orgnostic customer and want to get started with the Unplanned Leaves Insight — reach out to our Customer Success team.

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