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Orgnostic Partners with FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab to Help Companies Ensure Pay Equity Practices

We’re excited to partner with the FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab gGmbH to help companies identify and close potential pay gaps — and get globally recognized as a fair pay workplace with the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK®.

The Fair Pay Innovation Lab is a Berlin-based non-profit, founded in 2017 by Henrike von Platen, a management consultant, financial expert, and a university counselor, who has served as the president of the Business and Professional Women Germany e.V. and patron of the German Equal Pay Day campaign for a number of years.

With the single goal of fair pay for each person in the world, the Fair Pay Innovation Lab offers the currently most effective certificate for fair pay — UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK®

“At Orgnostic, we believe that people analytics needs to create positive shifts — and not stop at a dashboard. And ensuring non-discriminatory wage practices across companies is one of the key topics we help organizations solve. So as we pursue the belief that equal opportunities, pay equity, and pay transparency is what all organizations should strive to achieve, we’re excited to be partnering with the Fair Pay Innovation Lab to continue working on this quest together!” — Emina Hodzic, Orgnostic COO 

“Our internationally recognized certification process offers guidance in implementation of equal opportunities and equality in companies and organizations. We combined legislative initiatives from Iceland, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland into a single process and take into account legislation already in place — as well as upcoming legislation. To reach our goal of fair pay for all, partnerships like this one with Orgnostic are key!” – Henrike von Platen, CEO FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab 

The UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK® has been recognized by the EU Intellectual Property Office as a certification trademark, and many companies in the EU strive to get certified. In addition, the FPI Screening Board of international experts from the United Kingdom, Iceland and Germany monitors the effectiveness of the certification. There are three levels of certification and a clear regulation on the process to obtain each certification: Fair Pay Analyst, Fair Pay Developer, Fair Pay Leader.

As an FPI Partner, Orgnostic can undertake the analysis needed and fully compliant with the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK® certification methodology for your organization. 

Each certification process starts with a thorough analysis of the existing salary structure. Orgnostic does the analysis for you by simply integrating your salary data and running the analysis that is adjusted to FPI Lab standards. 

“We provide a powerful combination of expertise needed to deliver the analyses, get certified, and become an equal pay organization. Our platform helps you run the analyses, which is a prerequisite for the certification, and tap into our experience in consulting on the topics related to pay gap and fair pay strategies.” — Mirta Stantic, Director of Insights

When the analyses are done for you, you can send them to the FPI, and in the next quarterly FPI Screening Board meeting the current situation in your company regarding fair pay will be assessed to award you FPIs internationally recognized and EU-registered certificate.

Once you get the UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK®, you’ll be sending a clear signal that equal opportunities matter in your company — and you are on the way to closing arbitrary pay gaps. 

As a result, you won’t only meet the regulatory requirements on pay equity, but help improve employee well-being, gather a diverse and inclusive workforce, attract and retain talent, and boost employee morale and satisfaction.

Want to ensure fair pay practices in your organization — and get recognized? Get in touch with our team and let’s get started →

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