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Orgnostic Partners with Revelio Labs to Equip Organizations with External Workforce Benchmarks

We’re happy to announce we’ve teamed up with Revelio Labs to enable organizations to benchmark their data against 4.5 million companies, assess their attractiveness as an employer — and ultimately put effective employee retention strategies into practice. Proudly introducing: workforce benchmarks!

As a leader in workforce intelligence, Revelio Labs provides a single, standardized source of workforce information, enabling the allocation of human capital as efficiently, transparently, and scientifically as financial data.

Combining data science and statistical modeling, Revelio Labs brings together the universe of publicly available job postings, employee sentiment reviews, online profiles, and layoff notices — to create a standard structure to unify occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and other organizations.

With the Orgnostic and Revelio Labs partnership, organizations can identify how they stack against competitors, stay ahead of the industry-wide trends, and make data-driven decisions to stay competitive, across a number of areas including headcount, rewards, turnover, and diversity. 

“Orgnostic and Revelio Labs have each been at the leading edge of analyzing people data, both from very different angles. While Revelio Labs has pushed the boundaries of what can be derived from public employment data, Orgnostic has made tremendous strides in untapping deep insights from internal HR data. 

“With this partnership, organizations can, for the first time, bring together the internal and external employment data. The ability to easily benchmark their own data to competitors will open up HR departments to limitless possibilities.” — Ben Zweig, Revelio Labs CEO

What this means for organizations

With this partnership, organizations get to:

  • Find and secure top talent, by running competition analysis and comparing their own hiring efforts with that of their top business competitors, exploring the roles that competitors are gaining and losing in specific locations
  • Keep the total rewards package competitive, by comparing internal data, such as compensation and benefits information, with external workforce benchmarks at the level of location, role, and company 
  • Create a more inclusive workforce, by comparing internal diversity numbers to national and industry workforce benchmarks, identifying gaps, setting diversity goals, and developing strategies to improve diversity and create a more inclusive workforce.

“Data only translates to an insight when there’s context. And with our partnership with Revelio Labs, that context expands beyond navel-gazing with internal data. Organizations now get to assess how attractive they are as an employer and close gaps in their practices, to ultimately attract and keep top talent, and create more empowering and productive work environments.” — Luka Babic, Orgnostic CEO

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