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Introducing the Personio Integration

We’re happy to announce that we’ve joined forces with Personio to help HRs connect people data, automate reporting, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

As an HR, what do you do with all the data you store in your HRIS?

Personio’s HR Operating System offers an impressive set of features in both HR (managing employee data, absence and attendance tracking, payroll, performance, and much more) and ATS (applicant sourcing and tracking) domains.

Connecting your data from Personio with Orgnostic’s people analytics platform allows you to gain insight into important organizational metrics and get timely notifications about important trends happening in your organization.

You can connect Personio and Orgnostic in a few clicks. Your metrics, reports and insights will be ready in the matter of 2-3 hours.

What do you as a Personio user get from Orgnostic?

Once connected, you will be able to get an overview of your most important organizational metrics.

Personio data unlocks 20+ metrics, giving you an easy overview of Headcount, Diversity, Rewards, and Turnover trends.

Orgnostic Story – Turnover chapter

Using Orgnostic as your prefered partner for people analytics also enables you to:

  • Clean your data in an easy and simple process by using our Data Health feature. It points out specific data gaps or corrections that need to be filled in your Personio entries.
  • Enrich your data with Orgnostic’s surveys: data fillers (onboarding & offboarding) and diagnostics (Culture, Employee Wellbeing, Team effectiveness)

Orgnostic Data Health

Getting more out of your HR data

To get more insights from connecting Personio and Orgnostic, you can also connect recruitment data from other supported ATS solutions, databases or spreadsheets.

Connecting multiple HR data sources with Orgnostic

If you are using an ATS solution that is separate from Personio, Orgnostic will combine Personio data with the data from one of our supported ATS solutions. This way you can get detailed Talent Acquisition and Management insights, including Time-to-Hire, Offer acceptance rate, New Hires Ratio, Recruitment Funnel Velocity.

How to connect Personio with Orgnostic

To complete the integration flow between Personio and Orgnostic, just follow these simple instructions. To learn more, visit our page on Personio’s marketplace.


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