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Introducing the Recruitee Integration

We’re happy to announce that we’ve joined forces with Recruitee to help HR and People Ops leaders get a full overview of their hiring journey.

To get a full overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your hiring journey, it’s important to turn the data from your ATS into visualisations, reports, and insights.

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve partnered with Recruitee to help you do just that with Orgnostic’s advanced people analytics.

Recruitee is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides a simple overview of the entire hiring process. Its hiring software empowers teams to work together and bring in the talent of their dreams, making it accessible to everyone: recruiters, hiring managers, and reviewers, working across organizations of all sizes and industries.

Connecting your data from Recruitee with Orgnostic’s people analytics platform allows you to gain insights into the most important hiring metrics – insights that will help you optimize your hiring process and identify important trends that might impact your candidate and employee journey and the success of your talent acquisition strategy.

Measuring the employee lifecycle journey

You can connect Recruitee and Orgnostic in just a few clicks. Depending on the complexity of your data, your metrics, reports, and insights will be ready in a matter of minutes or in a few days.

You can use Orgnostic’s people analytics platform for free, indefinitely. All you need to do is start a free trial, which will give you the opportunity to try our pro plan for 14 days, and after that you can choose to stay on the free plan for as long as you’d like. This means that you can connect your data to Orgnostic and use Orgnostic’s Data Health feature to audit your data and make sure that your data is clean, well-structured and organized before you dive into your talent acquisition data to analyze it.

Want to get visualisations, reports, and insights to help you optimize your hiring journey? 👉 Start your people analytics journey with Orgnostic →

What do you as a Recruitee user get from Orgnostic?

Recruitee data unlocks 15+ metrics, giving you an easy overview and insights into your overall Talent Acquisition performance, including Sourcing, Offer, Selection, and Candidate Experience.

Metrics you can calculate by connecting Recruitee to Orgnostic

You will also receive weekly reports on your talent pipeline and other related metrics.

You are now all set to start exploring and uncover the story behind your recruitment data. Orgnostic will provide you with insights highlighting the strengths and challenges of your hiring journey, and help you strategize on improvements, and plan action points.

As your preferred partner for people analytics, Orgnostic provides you with:

  • Talent Acquisition Dashboards and Reporting — get insights about your recruitment team’s progress towards the hiring plan and your candidate experience throughout your hiring process.
  • Candidate Experience & Quality of Hire Surveys — enrich your recruitment data by activating automatic surveys to collect feedback from your candidates about their experience. Also, learn if you are growing as fast as possible by understanding the quality of hire and percentage of replacement hires in your total hiring.
  • Data Health — get an instant overview of your data health and save hours upon hours of time you’d need to spend cleaning your data. Orgnostic will point out concrete fields where you are missing data or where the data is incorrect.

Getting more out of your hiring data

To get more insights from connecting Recruitee and Orgnostic, you can also connect recruitment data with your employee data from other supported HRIS solutions, databases or spreadsheets:

Combining various data sources for organizational insights

If you are using an HRIS solution, Orgnostic will combine Recruitee data with the data from one of our supported HRIS solutions. This way you can get detailed Headcount, Diversity, Rewards, and Turnover insights.

How to connect Recruitee with Orgnostic

To complete the integration flow between Recruitee and Orgnostic, just follow these simple instructions or watch the video below:

To learn more, visit our page on Recruitee’s marketplace and our docs page.


To get a personalised walkthrough of how you can make better use of your Recruitee data with Orgnostic, schedule a demo, or if you like to get your hands dirty first, start a free trial, which includes a demo mode that lets you play with demo data.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us any time.

Happy analyzing!

Want to get visualisations, reports, and insights to help you optimize your hiring journey? 👉 Start your people analytics journey with Orgnostic →
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