Under the Hood

How we use years of research to
make your data tell the story.

Your data

Most companies use apps to run their HR operations. These apps store overlapping data in different ways.

Bad data

Metadata Model

Our Metadata Model maps out commonly used HR technology and normalizes data inputs. Regardless of your HR stack, you can visualize and run a unified set of metrics.

Operational and financial data

Enriching data with experiential data-fillers

In addition to operational, we also use experiential and sentiment data that we collect via (automated) employee surveys.

Data fillers are types of automatically triggered micro-surveys that “fill-in” missing qualitative or employee experience information. Data fillers help you answer questions like — ”What is your quality of hire?” or “Do we hire employees at the right skillset level”?”

Employee experience and sentiment

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Theoretical Frameworks

We also use diagnostic surveys to collect experiential and sentiment data.

Peer-reviewed and academically validated surveys help us gather data to study more complex constructs such as organizational culture, team effectiveness, employee engagement, burnout, or psychological safety.

We use well-researched methodologies and surveys such as the Denison Culture survey or 6 Team Conditions that sit on robust theoretical models.

These complementary theoretical models link intangible constructs such as organizational culture or team effectiveness with tangible business outcomes such as profit, market share, or customer service quality.

The models allow us to map your operational and experiential data onto an impact-favorability prioritization matrix.

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Organizational, Team, and Leadership Insights

Once we know your business’ most important goals, the platform suggests the most impactful questions to answer and what metrics you should aim to improve.

The system generates guiding principles to induce change on three levels of impact: leadership, team, and organization.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

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Customers are saying

What customers are saying about Orgnostic’s people analytics platform

  • Emma Atkins, Director of People Success

    ”The insights you’ve shared with me, and the reports I could pull from the platform have been really helpful in getting my strategy signed off.”

  • Radhika Chudasama, People Director

    ”We all got really excited when Orgnostic email reports came through. We thought, ‘Wow, we we can actually visualize all of this data.’ So, we’re loving it already.”

  • Kristina Grubač, HR Lead

    ”With their intuitive and easy-to-use analytics platform, Orgnostic put into movement tremendous amounts of data we have in our HRIS and ATS.”

  • Marko Djuric, Founder and CEO

    ”Orgnostic completely changed the way we approach talent management. We can finally access the data from our HR systems and use it right when we need it.”

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