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2023 Orgnostic Product Releases Wrapped

This year was packed with new features — from our generative AI capabilities, empowering people analytics and HR teams to get insights and summary reports in plain English, to new integrations with Smart Recruiters, Revelio, and ADP, to employee lifecycle mapping.

And as our customer, you’ve been an integral part of driving all these initiatives forward! We look forward to continuing this journey in 2024 — keep your feedback coming!

Get answers to all org questions with generative AI for HR…

  • AI Metrics Search: Ask questions in a natural language — and get relevant data visuals with a fully contextualized summary and highlights of the metrics of choice.
  • AI Prescriptive Summaries: Ask things like “how to prevent sales turnover?” and get a summary of responses from over 100,000 HR blogs, articles, IO research papers, and benchmarking datasets on which we trained our models.
  • AI Report Maker: Ask for “a diversity report for the past twelve months” — and get a fully-fledged report template without clicking, copying/pasting, and formatting errors.

… and get them right in Slack

All of these capabilities, directly in SlackGet a summary of all metrics and insights for your organization, answers to wider organizational questions, and make the right decisions based on the data, faster than ever before.

Get key insights with updated Story and Chapters

With the revamped Story interface, including overview metrics and an improved metrics view, you get a quick insight into most important metrics and figure, which you can drill down further.

Aim high with Targets for HR Metrics

Set target values for HR metrics and receive periodic reports to measure and track progress towards achieving specific goals.

Fine-tune access rights with Advanced Permissions

People data is a sensitive matter, so delivering the right info to the right roles matters tremendously. With Advanced Permissions, you can achieve the right balance.

See key statistics and events over a single person’s employment, with the revamped Employee View

With the Employee View, it’s never been easier to get a full picture of individual employment, including data on:

  • Overview with key labels and numbers, including role, gender, location and salary
  • Benchmark that compares the individual employee against the average of the organization as a whole, across chosen parameters
  • Journey, which is a timeline that lists out key events, beginning with the employee’s first day.

Some of the new metrics: Women Attrition Rate and Annualized Turnover, Time to Offer, Hire, Fill, and Start

Women Attrition Rate

Understanding different aspects of turnover among female employees is crucial for understanding workforce dynamics, gender equality, and creating inclusive environments. With the Women Attrition Rate, you can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to retain and promote women within your workforce:

Annualized Turnover

The latest addition to our Turnover chapter, Annualized Turnover is the key indicator of workforce stability, showing the absolute number of contract terminations (resignations and terminations), annualized over time based on your setup within the view.

Time to Offer, Hire, Fill, and Start

Time to close a vacancy and have an employee start with the company directly impacts the company’s bottom line, through resources spent in the talent acquisition process (cost of hiring) and time to productivity of new hires (Quality of Hire) resulting in ROI.

Track this metric to understand the efficiency of your hiring process and the impact that candidate experience — influenced by time spent in the hiring process — has on your employer brand.

Compare metrics values through time with the Comparison Feature

By presenting side-by-side comparisons of datasets, you can make informed decisions based on the insights derived from the data. You can identify similarities, differences, patterns, and trends, and add another dimension to your reporting.

Partners we’ve got this year to empower your work

Empowering Talent Acquisition teams with Orgnostic and SmartRecruiters integration

With Orgnostic and SmartRecruiters integration, Talent Acquisition teams get insights about the progress towards the hiring plan and candidate experience throughout the hiring process, and they can improve it in real-time.

Stack against competitors and secure top talent with Revelio Labs and external benchmarks

With our partnership with Revelio Labs, we enable organizations to benchmark their data against 4.5 million companies, assess their attractiveness as an employer — and ultimately put effective employee retention strategies into practice.

Get a comprehensive view of employee productivity and experience with Worklytics integration

Organizations can analyze employee workflows, identify bottlenecks, and optimize processes by integrating data from chat, calendar, Jira, email, and other productivity apps with core HR systems like HRIS, ATS, and LMS. This integration also enables HRBP and managers to track and assess team productivity, identify training needs, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall organizational performance.

Close the pay gap and earn UNIVERSAL FAIR PAY CHECK® certification with our partnership with FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab

New integrations added

New timely reports about trends that require your attention

eNPS Insight

Being able to conclude which factors are linked to employee loyalty is an important step in establishing a work environment which benefits employees and drives their engagement. Our new insight offers you a unique view into the much used loyalty metric — Employee Net Promoter Score.

Unplanned Leaves Insight

Unplanned leaves may reduce the productivity of a certain team and impact the overall capacity of the organization. Our new Unplanned Leaves Insight offers you a view into which departments and teams have unusually high unplanned leaves, as well as projected unplanned leaves for the future months.

Work out turnover costs with the updated Turnover Insight

Pinpointing factors that drive turnover in your organization is key in reducing voluntary turnover. With the latest updates to our Turnover Insight, you get to identify such factors, work out the cost of turnover, explore specific employee segments, and implement effective interventions.

Identify moments that matter with our Employee Lifecycle Mapping

Employee lifecycle or employee journey mapping is a critical people operations/HR process that offers several benefits and should be engaged and revised throughout a company’s development. Let’s upgrade your HR practice together.

  • Complete visibility in employee journey
  • Identification of key processes for improvement
  • Alignment of HR initiatives with business goals
  • Increase in Employee Lifetime Value

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Get clean, normalized data from all your HR sources with our streamlined HR Data Lake

Unlock dozens of HR metrics in one go. Connect your data and start building people analytics dashboards within your favorite BI tool or programming environment using just the backend of our Orgnostic Platform.

Prepare yourself for multiple futures with our workforce scenario planning

Effortlessly adjust crucial variables such as the number of recruiters, turnover goals, time to hire, or the number of open positions and others, and our advanced algorithms and intuitive visualizations will help you analyze the potential impacts of these changes on your organization’s future.

Learn essential in-demand HR skills from experts in people analytics — and get the seat at the strategy table by turning HR data into meaningful insights

Reduce repetitive tasks, create space for impactful work, and scale the value your people analytics efforts bring to the business with the Lean Operating Model.

Learn how Orgnostic can help you get to the insights behind your people data.
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